Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am on the newspaper.

As the title, I am on the newspaper, New Sunday Times on 30th of March 2014! Actually the report was on the section of Learning Curve of New Sunday Times. Thanks to my sister's friend who noticed me on it! HaHa! My dad bought the newspaper as we usually read Chinese newspaper at home after my sister told him. 

I never expect that I was on a English newspaper, and I thought it will be on a Malay newspaper at first. After the interviewed session with the journalist, I didn't ask the journalist which newspaper is she from, that's why I was quite shock after my sister told me I am on NST! :D haha! Thank God for this wonderful experience LOL It was my first time and never expected that I will on the newspaper one day! But actually it's not about any achievement of mine, it's actually about the programme that I am studying. I know right. My lecturer, Dr Shahrim, knows many famous people in Malaysia as what he had told us. He even knows an artist (I think she is an artist) who is from the MasterChef Because of him, we were all on the newspaper! LOL

As I told you, the report was about our 4 years programme - Bachelor of Sc (Food Service Management). On that day, we were having our Thai cuisine event and it was our first event of the semester! Dr Shahrim had invited some journalists that day. If I am not mistaken, the other one is from Cosmo. On our event, my class had divided into two groups - kitchen and service team. We will take change to become either kitchen or service team every two weeks for every event. On that day, I was in the service team which is at the front of the restaurant to face the customers! :D That's why I have the chance to get interviewed by the journalist!! Hehe! 

The first photo is my lecturer, Dr Shahrim Karim. Then the next one is me - Khoi Zi Shen! Followed by my two other coursemates :D There is another photo of my friend - Fikri who was serving the customers. So smart and handsome right? :)

If you noticed it, my interview section is at the right side bottom of the newspaper, start from "Rawang-born and raised Khoi Zi Shen...." haha! I like how the journalist described where I am came from and how she wrote about my interview! LOL! Actually I don't really remember what I told her, but I know that my English was not that good actually!! Wanna give the journalist 100 likes!! Thanks her for interviewing me! haha!

[Rawang-born and raised Khoi Zi Shen, 21, joined the programme after getting her STPM results. Though it was her fourth choice, she is learning to like the course.
I am into a healthy lifestyle and I want to promote healthy eating and create an awareness of healthy food. Obesity is on the rise in this country and it all has to do with eating habits," she says.
During lunch, Khoi was a waitress - a first for her.
Waiting at a table requires me to know the menu in detail as some diners ask for information. We have to be alert to customers' needs and whether they are ready for the next course."
Khoi hopes to not only run a restaurant but also delve into event management in the future. ]

A thing that made it funny is, most of my friends were feeling unbelievable that I would say out something like "I am into a healthy lifestyle and I want to promote healthy eating...". LOL! Yes, I know I know,in their impression on me, I am a person who likes to eat very much. LOL so sorry that I can't hide it sometimes! D: Anyway, I do really wanna promote a healthy eating habits but have to gimme some times ^^ LOL! I am still learning it through my programme :p 

As what was written in the report, I am learning to like my course :3 hehe! I always think that this course really suit me well! Thank God for leading me all the way I am choosing the university and course! It's God's work on me!! Feeling grateful with everything I have and I met! :D 

So you see, my course is kind of interesting and lots of fun! Haha! If you're interested with my course, you are so welcomed to come and ask me about my course! :D I will be so happy to see many juniors enter this course on next semester!!!!! *O*

P/S : I am having my midterm break! Teehee!

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