Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (6)


Today Dr Fareed is not with us but he has given a SCL homework for us to do it in the lab class. We are required to compare the website of Intekma Resort ( ) with the website of L' apprenti UPM. After that, suggest on what and how L' apprenti brand can learn or follow from Intekma Resort to promote the products. We have to write a maximum of 2 pages report based on the instruction above and send it to Dr Fareed. 

So, my group mate and I started to discuss this SCL at about 2.10pm. First of all, we had evaluated the website of Intekma Resort on their design, layout, arrangement and so on. We found out the strengths of the website which can be learned, followed or brought in by L' apprenti UPM on their website. Beside that, we also evaluated L' apprenti website and found out that there are a lot of improvement have to be done by them to promote their products and brand effectively. For example, we had suggested that L' apprenti UPM can learn and follow the website of Intekma Resort which is using e-commerce on their website to bring convenience to their customers. With the cooperation and ideas of every group member, we managed to finish the report in a short time. 

Through today's SCL, I realized that the website of a company have to be attractive to attract the potential customers as it acts as a marketing and advertising tool. Other than design of the website, the information provided have to be accurate and updated so that it will not give bad impression to the visitors who visit to the website. The website or Facebook page of a company have to be actively updated everyday to stay connected with their customers like what have done by Intekma Resort. In conclusion, for all these to be done, an IT expertise have to be hired to the company so that their website can be managed and controlled effectively. 

* A photo that shows the unattractive photos on the website on L' apprenti UPM and also the error description or labeling on the photo (the red velvet cake has been labeled wrongly with the name of "Tiramisu Cake"). 

Written by Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management).

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (5)


It’s time to have a reflective writing about our lab class on every Thursday. Sorry Dr Fareed that I was late for submitting this fifth reflective writing.

First of all, our class started with the discussion of our GOMC project. We were required to prepare a pre-campaign draft report before the class started. So that Dr could check for the progressions of every group on GOMC project. After Dr had listed the important dates for submission of reports, he started to check everyone’s draft report one by one and help out everyone in their reports.

For our group, we met the difficulty on listing the keywords, text for Ad groups and budgeting for the three weeks. We had brought this problem to Dr and thanks to him, we managed to figure out what we are going to prepare in our reports. After the discussion, we managed to update and do correction on our GOMC pre-campaign report. Hope that we can produce a better pre-campaign report! May God bless us :D

After the GOMC discussion, Dr Fareed proceeded the class with creating database by using Microsoft Access. This was my first time using Microsoft Access since I was born! So, this was a quite new experience for me. According to Dr Fareed, Microsoft Access is a useful tool for storing large amount of data and simplifying the audit work. It can be used in the food industry as well such as creating a database of customer lists of the restaurants. Anyway, I am still not familiar with this Microsoft Access as we just learned a little about it in the class.

Written by Khoi Zi Shen (172194)

Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. Of Sc (Food Service Management).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (4)


 A day before Good Friday! However, everyday are good days! ^^

           After a long time, finally we met Dr Fareed in person again in food cyber for our lab because we failed to use our “high-tech” product to webcam with Dr in the cloud last few times. I think it might be due to the connection problem of internet in our food cyber. Anyway, Dr Fareed, I prefer to have a traditional class method which we can have a face to face class to avoid all those connection problems! ^^ 

         So, today as usual, we started the class with the discussions about GOMC which is our on-going project. Every groups have their own websites to corporate with and I think they have already registered for the websites, so do we. For the next step, Dr Fareed has explained it today in the class. He gave us some examples to fill in the form on the GOMC websites by using his mom’s kindergarten website.

Besides, we were asked to find out the weaknesses and strengths of our client’s website regarding on their appearance, content, functionality and website usability. I had went through the website of our client which is the 18°C Café with my group-mates today and we had discussed about the strengths and weaknesses of it. Moreover, we have to start to think about the keywords that are suitable for the website as well, so that when the people search for some keywords that are related to our client’s café, their website can be shown up on the top of the search engine. Oh ya! We have to set the areas of our target customers as well! For example, as our client's cafe is located around Pontian, Johor only, so our target area can put for the areas around Pontian or other areas of Johor. 

Our client's website:

In addition, Dr Fareed has taught some theory in front of the class today. It was about the website evolution by Hansan & Kalyavanan in 2008 and Online Presence. One of the elements of online presence is the interactive marketing. After the interactive marketing, there are online transaction such as e-commerce and pay-pal, then followed by the loyalty building feature. According to Dr, the social medias that we use every day are actually on the concept of loyalty building feature as we need to log in to our own account then only can access to the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. In the conclusion, based on the opinion of Dr Fareed, the online presence nowadays is experiencing the leap frogging effect because without the process of interactive marketing and online transaction, loyalty building feature is directly applied to everyone especially when we are registering for a new account in the social media. Therefore, we need to be extra careful when we are using the social media because we never know that there might have someone out there want to steal our information that we shared on social media to do something unlawful or beyond our imagination.

Lastly, our GOMC is going on so far so good. We have to prepare a pre-campaign report as soon as possible to submit it before the deadline. As I know, the pre-campaign report is crucial as it carries 30% of the marks of GOMC. All the best to everyone and my group-mates as well! Let’s do it together!!! J

FUTURE is not for you to FIND it, but is for you to CREATE it.”

Written by Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (3)


In the class today, we were required to update about our progression on GOMC project. Some of the groups have already found a foodservice company to corporate with but my group have not found one yet. We had sent a message to the Facebook of myBurgerLab, but we have not got any reply yet. It is kind of sad. Anyway, we still have to move forward. Therefore, I have tried to search for some other special cafes or restaurants who owned their own websites. For example, The Big Mouth which is selling burgers too. I hope that we can contact with a foodservice company as soon as possible so that we can start our project soon! Moreover, we had registered our group as a team to participate in GOMC project with the group name - Flowers & Grass. LOL! It is because we have 4 ladies as the flowers and a gentleman as the grass in our group! Let us try our best in completing this GOMC!

After we had registered our group, Dr Fareed, our lecturer proceeded the class by giving us a task to complete which is the Menu Cost Calculator using Excel. We were required to choose a food that we prefer and calculate the food cost by the Menu Cost Calculator. So, I chose Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan) as my food. The food ingredients were listed and calculated by unit used on the calculator. The steps in preparing the Glutinous Rice Ball was written in the calculator as well. Finally, the cost of the Glutinous Rice Balls was calculated. 

Thanks Dr Fareed for preparing this Excel sheet to simplify us in calculating the menu cost. It might be useful in the restaurant during menu planning.

Written by,
Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (2)


It's the 2nd week of FSM4503 lab, and this is another reflective writing report for our lecturer, Dr Fareed. In today's class, Dr Fareed explained something about our GOMC project to us to help us in this project. So, we are required to sit into groups and find out 3 potential establishments that we can corporate with to work out our GOMC. By the way, the 3 establishments should have these characteristics :
1) Food services ( I think it is because we are the Food Service Management students. LOL)
2) SME (Small & Medium Establishment)
3) Must have website. 

Therefore, with these 3 characteristics, my group members and I had finalized out the 3 establishments that we would like to corporate with. 
1) myBurger Lab
2) Just Heavenly
3) Kaffa Espresso Bar

We have to start approaching them between this two weeks and get agreement from them to participate in our GOMC project for 3 weeks! I hope that they are willing to help us in this GOMC project as they no need to pay anything for it. On the other hand, if we do a good work on our GOMC project, it may help them to boost the number of visitors of their website too! It does not bring anything negative to them, right? :D Hope that we can convince the boss successfully :p

After this GOMC project discussions, we learnt about the Basic Excel Use. We were given some tasks to do on the Microsoft Excel. For example, we made some charts by using the data that was given by Dr Fareed. And this is the results of today's class :

The basic knowledge on using Microsoft Excel is a useful knowledge for us as IT is everywhere in our life nowadays. We may use this skills in our working area in the future. From the example given by Dr Fareed, we can use this in our food service as well in calculating the profit and loss of the business. 

Lastly, all the best to everyone in the GOMC project!!! YEAH! 

Written by,
Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (1)


It was my first day attending FSM4503 class in Food Cyber 1 of our faculty. For the first day, we were given a group project from Dr Fareed. It is the Google Online Marketing Competition (GOMC) project! After I read through the introduction of GOMC, I got to know that it is an international competition for the students worldwide to start using the internet to do online marketing campaigns by using Google AdWords and Google+. One of the price of winning this GOMC is trips to Google offices!! This is such a great price for me!! Visiting Google offices is a dream for me after I watched the movie - The Internship. From the movie, it shows how special and awesome is the Google company is, and it attracts me to work in Google company! So, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (Although I know the possibility to win in GOMC is so small. Anyway, Let's have a try and get an awesome experience from it! Who knows how will the results come out? :p )

After knowing what are we going to do, we were given a link to learn about the basics of the Google AdWords. From the six videos, I learned how does the Google AdWords work on our website. It is an advertising tool which helps to boost the numbers of visitors to the websites. In another say, our website or product or service can be found easily by the new customers from all over the world. By using AdWords, we have to choose the right keywords for our website that provides certain products and services and write an eye-catching advertisement, so that the customers can discover or notice the website easily in the Google Search engine. Moreover, the landing pages of the website have to be determined wisely as well so that the customers will continue to stay on our website and choose to buy our products and services. Budget should be made so that we can spend wisely on the money to advertise our website by using Google AdWords. 

Lastly, it is a very good opportunity for me to learn online marketing by using Google Adwords and join GOMC for new experience! I hope that after this project, I can use this knowledge continually in the future.

Written by,
Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Semester Break Trip : Perhentian Island.

My Long Semester Break : Part 2  

1st - 3rd of July 2014

This is the second semester break trip of the collegemates of KTP (I missed the first time T-T). They went to Kukup for the first time and this time we chose to visit to the beautiful island - "Stop" Island! Ke Xin helped us to get a package from an agent which included some meals, accommodation and snorkeling for that 3 days. 
The "Stop" Island aka Perhentian Island (I direct translate the word from Malay haha) is located in the state of Terengganu which is at the Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia. From KL, we took almost half day of time to reach Terengganu by bus (@.@). We went to Terengganu before 1st July and we stayed at Sam's house for a day. Thank you Sam and her family for the warm hospitality :D Then on the next day morning, we departed to the harbor at Kuala Besut and took a boat to the island! There are two Perhentian Island there - Big and Small. We had our trip at the Big Perhentian Island. 

LOL! The first night which we stayed at Sam's house. The boys were using pink hello kitty blanket. Ah Teo was so shy XD

Sam's cute nephew!!!!! :D 

Heading to the harbor to ride on the boat. *Spot the guys' neck with the towel scarf. Everything can be one of the fashion item if you're confident with yourself LOL!*

Some photos of the FIRST DAY :
We were burying Wilson didi after snorkeling :D HAHA

Before our dinner with the GIRLS :D

In this trip, I was so excited for the snorkeling part as it was my first time to experience it. There was an uncle from the agent brought us to many spots around the island for us to snorkel around for this 2 days. Thank you so much uncle :D As it was my first time, after I wore the life jacket and diving mask and jumped into the sea, I could't control my body although I could still float on the water. My whole body just kept on rolling and rolling on the water. After a few minutes then only I could calm down myself, and started my underwater tour with my friends' help. 

I met so many problems during snorkeling LOL. The salty sea water kept on entering my diving mask and I drank a lot of the salty sea water in that two days x.x  Besides, on the second day, I felt dizzy on the boat due to the continuous non-stop waves after we snorkeled at the first stop. But the uncle so funny LOL. I told the uncle, "I tak boleh, pening pening". But he still insisted us to enter the sea on the third spot which we could see the turtle. LOL. He asked us to swim after the turtle and get near to it so that we can touch it. Nigel success to touch it but I failed. 

However, snorkeling part is so awesome and I enjoyed very much. When you put on the diving mask and got your whole head into the water, you can't hear any sound anymore and start enjoying the world of underwater, seeing the coral (most of the coral are dead but still looked amazing with their different patterns and shapes), fish and turtle in the sea, this feeling is really relax and great! The uncle taught us to feed the fishes with breads too so that the fish would get near to us. The fish were so so near to us and some of them might bite us tim! I felt scary and "geli" when the a shoal of fish got near me but it's so cool. LOL. Maybe next time I can try diving too :) But I have to learn to swim first and get a diving license :( 

Some photos during snorkeling with the Wilson's water proof camera :

Trip with friends always is a good time to bond the relationship among us. I am so grateful that I am one of the residents of my hostel - KTP because I met a group of friends that are so friendly and hot blood (热血!)! Without them, we can't make the trip to happen. During the trip, we also had our own free time to have fun together, like playing and swimming in the sea, exploring the island and some games time. Funny thing happened during our games time! LOL! It was so Laugh.Die.Me. HAHAHAHAHA!! Thank you my dear friends for giving me such a great memory at Perhentian Island ^o^ 

Some of photos on the 2nd day morning which we woke up early about 5am or 6am, because we wanna watch the sunrise at the beach. The funny thing is, the sun didn't rise in the middle of the sea, but the sun was hidden behind the mountain there LOL. Anyway, we found a good spot for taking photos with the beautiful sunlight in the morning.

Very down because can't see the sun rise. 
Model : Nigel Eg.
Credited to : ME! :D

After we knew that we couldn't see the sun rise from the middle of the sea, photoshooting session started LOL

I like these few photos with both of them - Erika and Wenly :D 

On the last day, we talked to a group of leng lui seniors from USM who were also having their trip at Perhentian Island. Actually we met them on the first day, but we only got to talk to them on the second day :) So great to meet new friends during the trip :) 

Took photo with the pattern cute little boy whose mom helped us to take a group photo with the USM seniors :) They're tourists from China :)

Some photos of the LAST DAY :
We were trying to take photos for some small clip, but failed. LOL

Trying to make my hair fly naturally with the aid of the sea breeze, but failed!

With the coursemates! Full attendance oh! HAHA!



On the boat. I think it's a speed boat, is it? It speeds so fast until my heart gonna jumped out!!
Because when the boat speed, with the aid of the big waves in the sea, the boat like jumping on the sea!!!

After we left the island, we went back to Sam's house again. Before we left Terengganu, we had some fun in the river behind her house and had a sumptuous dinner prepared by the family. After dinner, she sent us off to the bus station and everyone went home separately according to our own hometown. For the KL gang, we reached KL on the next day morning :O  

Back to KL in the morning and had our breakfast at KFC. 

Thank God for the trip as everyone of us had a safe trip. Another great thing is during our trip, it was the Muslim's Puasa month, so there was not much tourists on the island. During some free time, we were so relaxing, we could even take a nap on the hammock without any disturb and enjoy the tranquility of the island until the dinner time. After this trip, I am so in love with the beach, sea and underwater. I hope to visit to some other island again next time!!! :D And so, our 2nd semester break trip had ended. Looking forward to our next trip - SABAH!!!! :D

Model : My slippers and the boat
Credited to : ME!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Long Semester Break 2014 : Part 1

I am having my 10+ weeks of semester break now! But it's gonna end soon, left only a few days more. First time enjoying such a long holiday with relax mood without thinking about any homework or assignment or anything else. Just relax! LOL. Actually I can find myself a job to spend this long holiday while earning money, but I failed to do that until the end of the semester break. LOL. Actually I found a job last month, the income was tempting too *o* But, my dad did not allowed me to go for it because I have to work until 10pm for that few days, it's too late and dangerous. So my semester break ended up staying at home (mostly), meeting up with friends and went for some trip. Oh ya! And take care of my injured bro! LOL. Anyway, Thank God for giving me such a long holiday to catch up with all the friends, and relax enough at home before the new semester start! :) 

Okay. For this PART 1, I am going to write about my food hunt with friends to some famous cafes/restaurants around KL area. Oh Yeah! It was like finally I could have a try on those famous cafes/restaurants that are shared in FB or blogs :D It's awesome and blessed to have friends who like to go "cari makan" with you! ^o^ Thank God to have all of you guys in my life :D 

1. Alexis Bistro @ The Garden.

Ohh this photo was taken at Kim Gary, MidValley before we went to the Alexis Bistro :D HAHA. Actually that was a shopping day for me and Yenyen before she fly to Australia. Then, we met up with the guys at here to have lunch.  

At the Alexis Bistro, The Garden. 
LOL. Everyone was taking photo with this Mixed Berries Meringue only because it has the best appearance among the other cakes that we ordered. Haha.
We ordered a Tiramisu, Mixed Berries Meringue and Carrot cake. Tiramisu is the best (Y)!!!!! All of us love the taste of Tiramisu and the appearance of Mixed Berries Meringue. 

2. Gangnam 88 @  Sunway Giza.

Thanks Benson for making the order for us - a plate of pork and a bowl of ramyeon + rice cake (ddeok bbokyi) ! First time trying ramyeon! :D  Not bad! Love the pork and topokki :d Yummmmmmehhhh!!

Besides the food, the service of Gangnam 88 is great too :) The staff here kept on refilling the side dishes and our tea for us, haha so good! Their boss who is a Korean guy was there too that day, and helped us to take the photo outside of their shop! :D You can have a birthday celebration with friends at here, you can ask the staff to play videos or songs for your friend there. And there is a 50% discount for the birthday baby! :D

3. Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown

Ecole P is a cafe with theme - Back to School!!!! :D Their interior design is superb! They had created an atmosphere that bring us back to our primary school memories with the tables, blackboard, designs on the walls and etc. I wonder if they really got all those stuff from the students or what @@ HAHA. 

The school badges from the primary school around KL I think :D

There is a bag on the table with a pencil box inside. The cutlery inside the pencil box had surprised us! :D Woah!!! What a great idea (Y) (Y) The photo below : We are pretending that we are doing our homework hahaha! The menu is an exercise book :)

Some of us ordered the tea which have a lot of different creative names - Chinese TEAcher, English TEAcher, Maths TEAcher..... And the baby's feeding bottle is the honey (I remembered is honey lah @@) for us to add some sweetness in our tea. Surprised too!

Chocolate Earl Grey.

Ecole P Sago Gula Melaka

Ginger Creme Brulee.

I can't really remember how was the dessert that we ordered. HAHA Maybe it's not really amazed me and we might be kept on thinking wanna take a lot of photos only LOL. Oh Ya! We went here after Gangnam 88 :) 

First Floor, 19, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

4. Amaze K @ Damansara

It's a nice cafe with the friendly staffs and boss :) This cafe is special that it is not located at a coming and going places (what i mean is 人来人往的地方 xp), you hardly can find it if you didn't look for them properly unless with gps lah :p 

The friendly boss helped us to take all these photos HAHA Made us so paiseh > < We were like having photoshooting session! LOL 

For the food here, WALAO EH! HAHAHAHAHAHA Super delicious!!!!
From Anderson's instagram, he wrote like this : " We were amazed by Amaze K. What's even amazing is that we tried all the breakfast menu because we're too hungry..." 
And the must-try-list he suggested :
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza.
(My favourite :d)

Soda Plum.
(The best drink among the drinks that we ordered that day hahaha)

Egg Benedict.

Amaze Big Breakfast.

Beside those he recommended, we also ordered :
Salmon Spaghetti.

Minced Chicken Toast.
The food ordered were all according to the staff's recommendation! We had a really enjoy and relax brunch at there :D 

23 Jalan PJU3/44 (Sunway Damansara), 47810 Petaling JayaSelangor

5. Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Damansara Uptown

After our brunch at Amaze K, we found this for our tea time :) 

Personally super love this Oreo Mille Crepes!!!!!!! Maybe every oreo products are nice :d *There is Oreo ice-cream too nowadays, gonna try it one day!!!*
Before we left, we took some photos in front of one of their well painted wall :D HAHAHA
Last food hunt with Yenyen in 2014 I think. All the best in Australia yar!!!! :D  

97, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

6. Malacca Satay Celup @ Kepong

Hrmmmm... It's a new (I think not yet famous) restaurant at Kepong! No need to travel so far for satay celup anymore as Kepong has one now! :D Zhee Kiat saw their coupon on a magazine and we decided to have a try after both of them - TKK and Spinifex came back from Taiwan! :D RM2 per stick (if i am not mistaken @@) and they have a lot of food ingredients there :)

7. Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet, Kepong

Chicken, beef, and pork for grilling. All marinated in two different flavors.

Rice, Korean Pancake (Pa Jeon), Korean Glass Noodle (Jab Chae), Rice Cake with chili sauce (DDeok Bbok Yi). *I just follow the menu xp *

Drinks, seaweed soup...

I just visited here today (30.08.14)! HAHA! Last night, when I was surfing the internet, I saw a post again about this Ssikkek, and I noticed that lunch only RM19.90 per person (Actually last time I planned to come here with friends for dinner, but it's RM39.90 for dinner so didn't make it last time)!! This is very DAI(worth) for the lunch!!!! So I decided to have lunch here after I brought my bro to have treatment (看铁打换包扎) for his hand in Cheras. And thanks Qian Er for accompanying us! :D
A lot of foods are provided here, and there are many waiters and waitresses who are ready to help us to grill the food! :D I think RM19.90 is really really worth!!!!! (last time I had korean food with about RM25++ per person) Kimchi, ddeok bbokyi, Korean seaweed soup, Korean pancake, beef, chicken, pork......Just EAT ALL YOU CAN! :D This restaurant is quite famous I think, I saw a lot of bookings on their FB page sometimes! :O So better make sure with them next time when you wanna visit to their restaurant.

FB PAGE : Ssikkek Malaysia (식객)

21, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1, Laman Rimbunan, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.


Most of the cafes that we found are from the blog of Eat Drink KL :) It writes reviews on a lot of KL's essential restaurant. You can refer to it if you wanna have a food hunt around KL too! :D
I think I am the most lazy food blogger. LOL! Actually all those photos were taken by my friends! HAHA! I seldom take photos of the food as whenever I see the food, I right away wanna have a bite without taking photo!! HAHA. Besides, I also can't write a proper review of the cafes or restaurants too! I just know how to eat. (I admit that LOL)

So, it's the end of My Long Semester Break 2014 : Part 1 (only, more to come)