Monday, July 5, 2010


YES!!!! Now, I have sign up to the NUFFNANG!!
oh yeah :P

I want to become a popular blogger.
I want to earn money from my blog.


I hope that I can do it ^^

But I need you guys to help me!!!

Please click on the NUFFNANG logo at the sidebar of my blog
pleaseeeeee~~~ >.<


Thank you very much!!! Muakz~! :D

Yesterday, it was Sunday.

*we were using the same bag.*

After church, I went to my teacher's house to learn how to do agar-agar[something like jelly].

It's tasty.

But some of them had stick together >.<

But its taste still nice with the pineapple!  :D

After that, we shared about the topic of "LOVE" together with the guidance of our teacher.
What is LOVE actually?
Who is interested, tell me! I can share with you :D


Me and Maple went to SECRET RECIPE to have our lunch there.

I ordered a plate of meatball spaghetti with Pepsi which cost RM15.

And I had ordered a slice of Tiramisu too.

Yummy~! I like cake :P

And when i back to home, I started to cook soup.
While waiting for it to boil, I turn on my computer and play Facebook.
I just left it alone and forgot about it!!!
oh no~
After some time... [I didn't look at the clock >.<, so I don't know the exact time!]
I smelt something burning.!
OH NO!!!!!!

When I rushed to the kitchen, it was too late.
There was fulled of smoke in the kitchen.

All the stuff inside the pot were burned!
My pot became black color.

And the cover with a transparent glass...also...

I think.. If I late a bit go into the kitchen, it will burn my house!!


Thanks God.



I still spoiled the soup.
I afraid that My daddy will scold me when I tell him.....


I had tried my best to scrub off the black color stuff in my pot.
But it was not working...
I think I should buy a new one....
but I don't know which brand that I should buy....


Sorry dad...


Through this lesson, I have learned that 
We should not play computer while cooking.



Regret... regret AND Regret :(
I am so careless >.<


  1. hahaha.
    xiao xuan:D
    it's me again !
    I'm so touched that you said you wanna get the driving license and come to find me.
    I'll welcome you! hehe.

    Ooopppsss .
    babe, I also tried that before.
    hahaha. I forgot that I'm cooking.
    careless la.
    Be careful next time.
    Cause it's really dangerous!

    Nuffnang i clicked for you :D
    I think I gonna go for Blogspot too :)

  2. huiyorrr babe~
    y so careless :'(
    be careful next time ya! :)

    Nuffnang can earn money geh? 0.0

  3. :D hahaha~! ling ling!!!
    Dun cry harr~~~ :P
    I will get my license as soon as possible!! :D
    Wait mee~~~~~~~~~

    it's really dangerous >.<
    U must careful too >.<

    Yeah~!! using blogspot can earn money!
    rmb to inform me :P

  4. babe adelin <3

    I will be careful de !! :D
    dun worry yar~!

    yayayaya~! can earn money geh xD

  5. xiao e babe :D
    nuffnang ah...
    I just know it can earn money only :P

    I click on the nuffnang logo~~
    and go and through :D