Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Finally! I am here to update my blog! :D
Tell you what is my situation now. I am in front of my computer, it is 11.48pm now. 
Woah~ My brother, sister & grandpa are all sleeping now. Yea~ I am alone in the living room with the sound of the fans. Cooooool man~ o.o Quite scary! But as long as I am a CHRISTIAN, I should not scared of the ghost! :) Because Jesus, the Lord is more powerful than it! Somebody told me this ^^ Nice!!! 

So now I just want to start blogging about today! xD HaHa! I always write many useless-topic(废话)! HaHa! Am I??? o.o LOL!

Today, I went for a trip to KLCC! 

The main activities are visit the book fair & watch movie!!
There was almost 20++ person! :D ( In the photo below, the whole row of people are my gang xD )

We went to KL Sentral 1st, then we just took Rapid KL / LRT (or KL Monorail? ) to KLCC!! ^^V  HeHeHe!  We took quite a long time to buy the tickets because we are a big big gang from SERI GARING! :p

When we arrived at KLCC, we went to buy tickets for movie 1st. 
Some of my friends & I watched -----Piranha!!!  Arhhhhhhhhhhhh >.<
This is not just a SCARY movie, it's also a BLOODY movie! \(@口@)/

Actually, this is a 18+ movie...and all of my friends are under 18!
But the staff there didn't caught us  >.< *phewww*
So................... SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >.<

The way that the Piranhas eat the people is so......(don't know how to describe!)
The only word  for me to describe about the movie is BLOODY!!! o.o
This movie is not so nice, because this movie is so short, about 1 hours and 10 or 15 mins only ( for me, it is too short) .
And there was no an ending for this movie too =.=  So there will be Piranha II again =.=
WT!!!! Always like that, we need to spend more money to watch the movie! Haiz ~.~

Some other friends went to watch --- Grown Up.
They said it was very funny! HaHaHa! So Syok lar them :/

Ok~ After movie, we went to the book fair.
It is The 5th Anniversary Chinese Book Fest of Malaysia! Woah~ 
I had been to the 4th last year :) It was also at KLCC unknown big hall ( for me is unknown >.< , sorry )
Of course there are many books!! And there are some stationery too..
Actually, I am not a person who like to read. So, I was not so interested with all those books.
I went there was just to have a walk then I had nothing to do. :/
But before I left, I bought a book! (unbelievable xD ):)
This~~ :)  

Before we back to Rawang ( my hometown) , we had celebrated Bernard's birthday!
We bought a cake for him :) HeHe! I think he got surprised! ^^ HeHe!
Happy Birthday to you! Although we didn't buy any present, but please received our sincere wishes. :D

Take 1 ( So funny! )

Take 2 ( funny too xD)

A happy day. A tired day. An exhausted day. A memorable day.
Time is going seconds by seconds. My time to be with friends is reducing. 
I will appreciate all the time together with my friends. 

HeHe~ Emo leh?? xD Ignore my emo face lo :(
Look at my eyes ~~ xD 
*blink blink* I was wearing lens lah! hahaha!
Blue color lens :) nice? xD

Haiz~ can see my pimples?? >.< My pimples pop out recently!!!WT!! I hate it as everyone hate it!! Don't tell me that you like pimples! If you really do so, I can help you to increase your pimples poplulation ^^

My sister & I :) She was wearing lens too~ xD

(sorry ~ technical problem can't see my sister ~ )

Ok~ Have to go for bed! <3
It is 1.23am now!!!! Woah~ I blog for 2 hours already!! >.<

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  1. 好好噢~~

  2. 书展!xD


  3. 假期快乐:)


  4. bla bla...luckily i din watch piranha..haha
    nice pic u have =)

  5. lol FN~som1 told u that huh?XD

  6. 书展!


  7. [shirley] 一定要找机会去啊 >.<
    [永远] 哈哈!! 去买去买!! 谢谢啊! :)
    [zoe] 对咯 == 时间超短的! 怪不得啦==
    [dachun] thank you :p
    [samson] haha! don't watch! waste money =.= LOL! thank you!
    [anonymous] har har?? o.o
    [adeline] 哈哈 我还想再去买文具 XD