Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My BIG day

Hello! Hrmmmm... I promised that today will update about my trip to Pulau Pangkor,right? :)
SORRY lar! Today I am going to blog the other stuff >.< HaHa!

Hrmmmm... yeah :) Today is my BIG day!!!! :D Yeah~~~ very very very BIG one!!!! :p 
NOT my birthday :) LOL! 
It's just my driving test day~~~~ BLEK! :p
HeHe~ It's really a big day! My daddy didn't go for work to wait for my result gua.....HaHa
It's really really a big day! Because I had waited for this day since 2 years ago!!! -.-  I had waited until the blossom fall~~~~~~~~ LOL!

Hrmmm... Do you think that I can pass? >.<
Give me an answer!!! YES or NO?????   Tell me what are you thinking =e=

At that place, I went for On-The-Road test first...Honestly, I got guarantee to pass ady  >.< You know what I mean larrrr ~~~~ Shhhhhhhhhh :x   While I was driving, the nervousness didn't come into my heart :) hehehe! so good man! thanks GOD! I just drove calmly :) But I still got some mistake larr >.< So I "ngam ngam" pass for this test only!!! *phewwwwwwww*

Then, I went for slope climbing. This is the most difficult part for me! I had practiced for this many times >.<  HaHa! But today!!!! Miracle happened! I just had one try only xD Then I stop in the yellow box accurately! So I passed ady! LOL! I used 1 minutes only to pass this ! HeHe! Thanks to GOD again! 

Finally the parking & 3-point-turn, I have no worried with both of them xD I think* I can do well :)
HeHe! Just need to remember the formula ^^ 

So good! Thanks to the uncle/teacher who taught me the technique of driving :) Yeah!
Then, thanks to my GOD, the car that I used in slope climbing, parking & 3-point-turn is in well-conditioned :) so good man!!!!! 
I kept praying to GOD so that I can be more calm and get rid of my nervousness..
Finally I did it :) I just thought that I want to faster pass it! Then I can drive to anywhere!
And another reason that reduce my nervousness is because the weather is too hot and due to it I have no more nervousness... -.- LOL

So...conclusion is I PASSED my driving test!!!
And I can drive to school or my friend's house soon~ xD 
I hope to have a MYVI! But it seems like very expensive :( My daddy asked me that want to buy VIVA or not. And my answer is NO! VIVA is too small for me ~ I don't like it xD
So... if my daddy really can't afford to buy me a MYVI , I have an idea to drive my daddy's car - Proton SAGA o.o old version~ HaHa! So my daddy can buy a new version of SAGA lo :) 
HeHe! Or... if can xD buy me a secondhand MYVI larrr :D 

OK! That's all for today!
The weather is so HOT man~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =3=


  1. Congratulation to euuu nie =)
    U cant fetch me~~wahahahahahha=DD

  2. congrats! :D

    i don't even have my driving license yet T__T

  3. passed by...congrats!!
    ur blog background picture so beautiful!!

  4. haha...
    so u really enjoyed your driving test !!

  5. hi nuffnanger here..congratz to ur big feat!!!:D

  6. gxgx
    u r so lucky =)
    i still no pass my undang XD

  7. Congratss :D Visit my lil bloggie too http://babeyrichie.blogspot.com/ thankss

  8. congrats and hope you can take up the responsibilities of a road user =)

  9. congrate, so, your parents buying u a car?

  10. 嘿嘿。是我自己弄的~

  11. 我的blogskin换很久咯