Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noise Maker

Went to play badminton with my friends today. :)
Oh Yeah! ^^V
I sweat much in the game! LOL.
It was one of the way for losing the weight-- SWEATING! xD
So, I should let myself to sweat everyday though it is uncomfortable :S

We always play happily in the game.
We always say something that funny while we're playing.
And we laugh loudly and happily.
It is our way to play badminton. :)

But today, when we were playing & laughing, somebody scolded us!
DIAMLAH!   =3=

I knew we were so noisy, but it is a public place.
Why can't we laugh loudly? =3=
You also spoke loudly lar! heng =3=
If I am dare enough,  I sure will make more noise after he scolded us!
LOL! but I was not dare enough.. hahaha!

I had scolded by a stranger before :(  So sad.
It was in a bus, I screamed because I nearly got fell.
Then, the stranger scolded me because I am too noisy.

I always scolded by teachers too.
I talk loudly = Making NOISE.
I laugh loudly = Making NOISE.

And there was somebody told me that:
Fortonately, I am not your Siamese twins [连体婴]. Or else, my ears sure will broken!!!

LOL! Am I so powerful? :P

Haiz. I hope to be more gentle, but it is impossible for me to change as I have been rude for so many years!

Ok! The solution is......

Don't care the others, live out my own happy life! :)

But my voice is a bit high pitch... so cannot talk too loudly next time o.o

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  1. haha..nt soo horrible la..who scold u guys in the badminton court oo?~

  2. agree~ 'Don't care the others, live out my own happy life! ' :))

  3. haha,
    I wanna play badminton again !
    Can't wait for next Thursday !
    And yea,
    don't care about those people la.
    They berlagak sje :P !

  4. haha ~ im the same with you ! owiz talk and laugh loudly =P but nevermind ,dun care bout others , promised to be happy ! ^^ hahaha

  5. ano ano ! dun care bout them la...sakai !
    v play ourselves la...
    & i like ur laughter! so dun change <3

  6. benson : hehehe!! :) actually we're not so angry de :p

    rainy : yeah ^^V

    da chun : thank you very much! :D

    reira : yaya! me too! so fun! :) haha~ yaya don't care bout them :P

    sarah : hehehe!! yeah~~ high 5!

    nicole : touching T^T hahah~! so i always laugh loudly beside you :P

  7. 我应该是比较静态的吧!~@.@

  8. who is that guy?
    dare to scolded my mom!?
    he sure die if i know!

  9. shirl3y : 哈哈 我才不要管那个人 :P 呵呵 ^^

    anide : woah!! daughter! ano~! they so naughty =3=

  10. yaya always laugh bside me...that's y i xi guan liao n like it ..hahah XD