Friday, August 27, 2010

Driving - Difficult

Before I went to driving lesson, I felt..... 

Nervous >.<

Excited :p

And YEAH! ^^V Finally I can drive :D

But after I was back from the driving lesson...
Oh No~~~~ It was out of my expectation!!! Driving is difficult lar :(

The uncle taught me some rules first. After he demo once, he started let me to drive. My legs were out of control! HaHa! My legs were sore, because need to step on the break & 2 others unknown things. :/ 
And I kept mati engine =.= I thought the uncle was got a little bit mad D:
I just discovered that driving must pay 100% attention!!!! o.o

I think driving is quite difficult. First time is like that? :o
Haiz... I am so scare that I can't get my driving license >.< CANNOT LAR!!!
I must pass it!!!!!!! 

Gambateh lo :( 

Who can lend me your car and let me practise arrr?? xD


  1. mean that u pass undang ad~
    haha~i go exam my undang last next time~but fail
    very envy you

  2. my younger sister also taking her test ^^
    feel like you also one of my sister ..haha
    gambateh car lend to you...i draw one for you la ..haha

  3. 我能感觉驾车的可怕……@.@

  4. good luck in ur driving lesson :D

  5. best of luck


  6. I can lend my car !! after it spoil !! XD
    Best of Luck !! hehe

  7. [christine] ya :D hehe~ babe u can do well next time! gambateh!

    [ahlang] oh yeah~ we're a family in jesus :D hehe~ okok! draw a pink myvi for me yar!! XD

    [shirley] 是有点可怕 T^T 可是还是很刺激 xD

    [hayley] thank you hayley ^^

    [da chun] thank you!! :D

    [samson] woah~~~~ after it spoil== how can i use it wor... aiyo :P
    haha! thank you thank you!

  8. when yur test eh...g
    ood luck to you ya...
    sure pass 1 larr ^^