Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rotten apple

Hello :)  I wasted my weekend with doing NOTHING! =e=
I know my trial exam is near.
I know I should start to study hard now.
Actually, I always know what should I do. But I don't know why don't I go to do it!
I have to admit it :(


For an example, I took my siesta today for about 3 hours! =.= 
And I promised myself to study in the night!
But...................because of the badminton contest........

Recently, there is a badminton contest at Paris. I don't know what "cup" is that, sorry o.o
My daddy watched it too. So, I used my time to watch this badminton contest instead of studying.  :( 
I..... want to support Malaysia team ( Koo Kien Kiat & his friend o.o ) mah xD

Haiz~ that's why my time wasted again =@=

I tried to study actually :( But I don't have the correct way to study. So, I always escaped from study. D: 
Suddenly!! I got a feeling!! I don't want to study nutritionist liao :( because I feel that taking this course I must always do revision :O I don't like. 
I like to be free. I want freedom as well. (everybody want it , I know =.= ) I have a thought that study multimedia design before. >.< But... I don't know whether my daddy like it or not. because it seems like cannot earn more in the future. So so so so .. I don't know how is my future is. 
Last time, I told my friends that I am going to study nutritionist because it is a job that can  earn more money as I need >.< HaHaHa. I am so realistic ~ but now.. I don't know how T^T 

Now I am wasting my time too because there is no point for me to update actually!

I am a rotten apple. :(

Besides, I don't know how to concern my friends. I just know how to play with them, talk with them, laugh with them. But when there is something happen, I don't know what should I do. And sometimes I also don't know what happen. :( I am a rotten apple.

Rotten apple... actually I don't know its actual meaning!
I used it because... I think I can use it like that o.o


  1. soh poh ~ we are side by side supporting u ma~ u r nt a rotten apple..try to focus at ur mind study STudy and STUDY ~ i know u can !!!