Thursday, September 9, 2010

Add Maths Questions-ing

I have something to say with this photo.
1. Look at my hair! It is getting longer & longer! Oh yes! :p
2. Spot my pinples. =.= I don't know why they like to grow between my both eyes(above my nose )

I had two days slept at about 3am and woke up at 10am. o.o
I know this is very no good for my health, and my pimples population will increase as well. D:
I will not do it again! I will sleep early tonight :D
And my daddy came back just now, he won't let me play computer until 3am one >.<

Just a simple update today, because I want to maintain the number of visitor on my blog. :)
I need your help to click on my advertisement of Nuffnang :) HeHe! Sorry I don't mean to make use of you :o

Sometimes, I need a friend to listen to me. And yes, yesterday I found somebody to chat with me in the midnight. :) I used to do it when I was just 15 after PMR. But after Form 5, I have no chance to play computer until midnight, because Form 5 is a tough year :(
I had a nice chat with the person. ^^

I have something to buy. But I have no money. And, I have some difficulties to reach the Ktm station. :( I have to get my driving license as soon as possible!!! Arghhhhhhh.....

Just now I was doing Add Maths questions. Hrmmmmm...No comment about it. I know I should do more exercise =.= because there are many questions I still need to refer to the answer and reference book! HaHaHa!

Gambateh! ^^ Two weeks holiday for us ( Form 5 students) to prepare for SPM Trial! 
But... I feel bored with this :S I need to go out. I can't spend my holiday like this. ='(
Somebody... come and ask me out xD Play badminton,group study or something else! HaHaHa!

I am so admire some of my friends! Because they have no online for many days! So *geng !

TaTa! Continue my Add Maths questions!!! :)


  1. I'm even lazier than u= = atleast u did some addmaths questions.. im spending my holiday with drama n dvds LOL

  2. =.= u want play badminton?
    I dunno anyone wanna play.......

  3. [hayley] haha! gambateh for our exam lo ^^

    [guansze] haiz!! yaya!! T^T I have no activity at all :(

  4. bla bla..i dun even care i'm doing revision or not. LOL
    I oso wanna play badminton !!