Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shake your body :p

Yo! Happy Holiday again ! LOL!

My mummy just came back from Taiwan. So shuang lar her!!! =3= Haiz.. If I am not taking SPM this year, I sure will follow her to go to Taiwan !!! Ok lar~ My mummy had bought me a pair of shoes! :) But I haven't get it, I am so expecting now xD

This two days, my daddy didn't go for work because of Hari Raya :) So good har~ xD 
Yesterday, we went to Pavilion. Then we watched -- Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore 3D.

Erm... HaHa! A movie about dogs & cats. Their technology are so cool! Bla Bla Bla... Not so nice only lar. But if you like dogs or cats, then better go and watch it. Because some of the spy dogs and cats are cute :)

4 of us - Daddy, me, sister & brother spent RM 76 for this 3D movie. =3= 
RM19 per person! Walao eh~! My first time with such a expensive movie tickets. 
Ok =.= I admit that I am a kampung girl! But it really expensive lo =3=

Then, today ( Saturday) we went to Brem Mall to watch Step Up 3. No 3D anymore :P

Oh yeah! This movie is totally pretty NICE! Woah!  
When I watched this, I had a thought : I want to dance!!!!!
Haiz... Dance is so cool lah! But... I have no chance to dance I think :(

Conclusion : Step Up 3 is recommended to watch :) Yeah! ^^
C'mon shake your body xD


  1. 两部都好想看哦!!*o*
    [ lol
    还是上网下载看吧……~~^^'' ]