Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hang Out with Maple

Recently, I am lazy D;  Lazy to update my blog. But this is good, because I no need to online for a long time. But I watched drama on PPS!Oh  My Gosh =.= SHIT again! But the drama so nice :( I can't control myself larrrr. 
Nevermind :) I will not get stress anymore! Because no enough time to study is already the truth, then if I get stress it is helpless also. So, I decided to take it easy :D HaHa!! Be Happy!! ^^ And my friend told me that if I am not study at the last moment that not to worry. And she said if I start study in this week, I still have time to prepare :) HeHeHe! xD LALALALALA! Just forget about it xD


Woah! Today I am so happy xD It was just like I was succeeded at that moment! HaHa!

Me and Maple hang out today! It was just like two little girls holding their hands went to play together! HaHa!

We went to KTM station so early due to some reason. It was raining in the morning. Felt so cool :)
We went to Times Square early in the morning as well!
We were so hungry! But we had to wait the restaurant to open :( Haiz~! Finally we had our brunch at a korean restaurant.

Maple's food. Don't know what what what rice ady. o.o

Then, is mine :) Errr.... and don't know what what Ramien. :)  
Hrmm.. I like the ramien :) hehe! But I don't think I will like korean food. 

After this, we started to buy something! I bought a pair of long pants, some shirt, and socks  OMGosh again =.= I used so many money this times! Haiz :( Why can I be like this? 
But I am still very syok lar xD HaHa!

Then Then Then~ we headed to Pavilion! Yey~ we walked to Pavilion from Times Square. o.o
Don't you think that we are so......errrr.....brave? or something else? HaHa! Pavilion is so far away from Times Square lar xD And it was our 1st time :P We went there for the only one purpose - SNOWFLAKE! Yeah :) I knew snowflake from others' blogs! And I had a wish to try it! Finally I had a try on it! 

I was so happy at that moment xD

Waiting for our snowflake~ 

Then!!! Yeah! 
Maple's Japan combo :) She loves green tea + redbean very much :) 

My hot snowflake. :) 

I am so happy xDDD Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ 

Both of us were so happy today :)
Because we bought what we want and ate what we want!
HaHaHaHa! ♥♥

TaTa!!! :) Will be more diligent on my study :) * I think * HaHa!
I still haven't have my dinner o.o Hrmmmmmm.. have an idea to cook porridge! I failed to cook it last time :(


  1. 看起来都很好吃勒!![* o,*]
    雨夜在引诱人家... =3=

  2. i prefer japanese food more than korean 1~

    wow~ future chef u are~
    hehe XD

  3. tha food look like so yummy! :D