Friday, September 17, 2010

Think positively

Hi all :) Miss me? ( You're not that famous that everyone will miss you, kay? ) LOL!! 
Just ignore my weird way to say hi :P

Holiday is gonna end soon. :(   So fast man~!  I did nothing on my holiday! 
I woke up at 10 o'clock something every morning in the holiday. 
In the afternoon, I slept for about 3 hours.
Then, I went to bed at 12 am at night in my holiday.
Woah! Yea~~~~ My holiday just wasted!
I promised to study in my holiday but I didn't do it.
Sleeping, eating, playing, watching tv........ these are all I done in the holiday. :D

I admit that I am lazy and no excuse with it.

Hrmmmm... I should blaming myself now. HaHa! But I won't do that anymore. I will think positively. 
Think positively not just think that - it's ok! I can do well in my next exam. Then just leave this exam to fail!
Think positively is don't waste up the time that I left now. Study as hard as I can although it is not enough!

( This is my opinion only. And I think it serves me right :D )

My aim is get FULL A ( not A+ o.o ) in my SPM but not TRIAL! xD This is the way that I console myself :) 

OK! I didn't read others' blog! Sorry about that >.< I can't online for long time.
TaTa! :D

Hope to finish exam as soon as possible!!!!! ^^V  Gambateh! <3

Hey guys! I know how to make lantern!!! :)  
I will teach little children to make it on this Sunday! HeHe! I will share with you all too :p BLEK!

TaaDaaaaaaaaa~ My home-made lantern!!! <3

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