Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival

The sunshine is just behind me. So the ray of sunshine is obviously to see! :D I <3 sunshine!

Hello :) Long time no see ^^
Sorry for being long time no update >.< because I am controlling myself not to online for long time. :)
I always online for reading others' blog, looking some information and anything else for a while. :)
But my time still flew away because I wasted my time with watching drama again! LOL!

And ya~ My chatbox is closing during my trial exam because I will not have time to reply your messages.
Sorry for the inconvenience. But you can still leave a comment on my post. :)

HeHe! Tomorrow will be the Chinese MoonCake Festival!!  ^^
Mooncake and lantern is the main character of this day :) Actually I don't like to eat mooncake o.o because it will make me thirsty, I don't like the feeling :\  The egg yolk inside  the mooncake is the thing that I most dislike! Ewwww... HaHa! But I just ate a black mooncake :) Nice! It is a black sesame charcoal mooncake. :) Yeah!! ^^
And see this mooncake! So nice :) like their design. 

Lantern! Yeah~ This year I no need to buy a lantern,( actually I was buying it for many years xD ) because I knew how to make a lantern! 
How to make a lantern? You just need to follow some simple steps! Then you can save up your money! 

The things you need to prepare is......

Step 1 :

Draw a shape on 4 paper plates. Whatever shape that you like. And draw on the backside of the plates.

Step 2 :

Cut the shape out.

Step 3 :

Stick the “tanglong" (lantern) paper on the backside of the plate as the photos above.

Step 4 :

Use the "FUN CLAY" or whatever clay make a mountain shape and stick on another plate.

Step 5 : 

Staple the four plates with "tanglong" paper together ( Refer to the photo above). And staple the plate with the mountain clay below the square shaped made by the four plates.

Step 6 :

Tie the lantern with thread. 

Well Done!! A home-made lantern is done! ^^  Lets try it ! 
Hope that you can understand my description lar! :D
My lantern!! So nice leh :p blek!

TaTa!! Trial exam is on Thursday. :)  Will do my best on it! Gambateh to all those who is sitting exam too! ^^
Thanks for reading my post. <3 Remember my nuffnang too ='(


  1. habii moon cake fest~~
    i like yur tanglungg,thx fer the tutorial xD

  2. haha ! the tanglung XD ~ but i like the sunshine photo~

  3. so nice Y~~*o*
    next year i wan to try the DIY lantern Y~~^-^
    thank you teaching Y~~:p