Sunday, August 28, 2011

Small accident.

Happy Holiday! ;-D Yup Holiday starts. It is the Malays' New Year-Hari Raya! Happy Hari Raya to the Malays ! :D

I heard from others that every year Raya, there will be many accidents and traffic jams occurs due to many people are going back to their kampung. I also involved in an accident yesterday (Saturday, 27th of August)  D-:

Okay-lahhh Don't worry. There are just the examples of some serious accidents lahhh. I was just involving in a small accident only ;D Thanks GOD!

It was about 2pm, I was passing the shop lots. Suddenly, there was a car reversing from his parking without my knowledge :OO  Then *ping pangggggg*  @W@  OH NO~~~~ The only thing that I was worrying is there will be another scar on my carrrrrrr TT.TT  I was afraid that I will scold by my daddy!!! Haihhhhhhhhhhhhh  His back light broken lo....
I parked my car aside first, then discussed with the driver see how to settle this -.- 
"Macam mana? Macam mana?"
"Kenapa kamu sangat laju? "
"Saya tak mau wang. Saya mau kereta saya baik saje."
These were what the Malay guy said to me. Hey man, the road is so narrow, how can I be fast? Why don't you stop when there was a car pass by -.- 
At first, I was really scared because this is my first time mah.....And no parents around :$  I didn't know what should I do at that time! But I was so grateful to my friends, Yue Mei. We were just came back from tuition together. She parked her car and then came to me and gave me aid. She asked me to ask for help first.....Then then then then  I called Wanwan~ then then then then then......
End up with report to the police station because my dad said want to claim insurance worrrr :O
My first time enter the police station :O hahaha. The police station is not like what I always see from the drama......hrmmmmmmm.....Then then then then then then...
There was a kind uncle helped me to settle this case lo.....He is so close to the police :O 

And now, I also don't know what will be happen then. @.@ How is the other malay guy??? hrmmmmm Can I claim the insurance??? Many question marks................Let my dad to settle it bah! ;-D Of course, he was very angry at me too -.-

Soooo let see the scars of my carrrr :-(


It will be send to the "hospital" for the cars, I think up to 2 or 3 weeks :O  hehehehe! I hope that it can "recover" soon! ^^

Sooooo my holiday started with this small accident >.< A new experience for me. Thanks God that it was just a small accident ^^

At last, I advise all of you who are going back to kampung BE CAREFUL! 
Don't be a victim of the accidents.

Enjoy your holidays ;-)


  1. Yeah next time drive carefully and be smart on the road :) One may be a good driver but they will never know what will happen next :) Glad that you are all right and not injured :)

  2. 2day i also saw 2 times like this accident~*
    ... usually malay people .*