Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dim Sum Buffet

My auntie brought me and my sis to Federal Hotel for a Dim Sum buffet! 

Look at the place and the design. So classical and typically like the design in the China palace! Wahahaa!

The pillars are all carved with DRAGON!

All the dim sum are so damn nice!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!
I sambil makan sambil cakap :"YUMMY! YUMMY!"

And this porridge! *sluuurrrpeeeeee*

Of course there were still many other food there, as I was too busy to EAT!
I can't keep taking photos right ;p HAHA!

After we had finished, we took photos around the place ;)

This entrance is so beautiful ;-)
Match with this pretty girlll *wheee whhittt*

The other version......


LOL! Did she shock you? :p

Lastly, Thanks to my auntie who treat us this brunch! hehehe!

Actually, I think this buffet is quite worth!
The food really best! (Y) 赞!
And I think it is cheaper than Jogoya!
About RM30++ per person only!!!
If there is promotion again, I wanna go with my friends ;p

Actually after this buffet, we went to other places too ;)
But...as the topic is Dim Sum Buffet, so I will post them after this! ;-D

Happy Holiday & Happy Hari Raya again ;)