Friday, September 24, 2010

Diary 24/09/2010

Phew~~~~ Just finish BM & English paper for my Trial exam :)
I think I did well in my BM paper because I wrote many proverbs in my essay xD
I have no comment with my English paper! I found out that actually English essay is more difficult to write than BM for me! Oh no! I want my English paper to get higher mark than BM paper :(

Again as last exam, there is tip-siiii for us....lalala~ I don't where the students got it and I don't care, I just need the tip-siiii ;p I know we should not depend upon the tip-siii in our exam :( sorry about it! I really need it T^T
HaHa! Forgive me! And I also don't know how am I going to sit for my SPM without any tip-sii o.o

Recently, I have a thought to having an English name. :) I did research! LOL! And I found a name - Estelle, it means star. Of course not the famous star, but just the star in the night. :) I like star mah! xD And another is - Estrella! Quite similar lar~ One is French and the other one is Spanish!! Hrmmmmmm... But after I twit for suggestion on twitter, one of my friend told me that Feather ( I am using now xD ) is better lar! So, I don't want any English name already! HaHa!
And you know what? Neither Estelle nor Estrella is suitable for me xD

Get bored with cooking alone. Without my sister, its really boring. Everyday doing the same stuff! No one play with me :(   If my sister is beside me, we will have fun and chit-chat about many things! LOL!
If I get my driving license, I will tell my daddy - I want to go out "da bao"! ( da bao - dinner from restaurant or anywhere ) xD

My sister feels sad for this few days, because she has disputed with her friends and she felt sorry. But her friend seems like still angry o.o woah~ HaHa! they're still young, I know they will reconcile as soon as possible :)

Chinese or English? o.o 

Simple update with messy point!


  1. Feather 的名的确很适合你丫!^^
    [ 很有意思下啊~~* ]

  2. I can't find your chatbox X)
    Where's it ?
    And I replied u in here :D

    HAHA !
    U CAN !

  3. wah~
    time pass so fast
    u form5 edi liao~~~
    i remember last time i noe u u jz form3 o 4 right?
    gambateh in ur spm ^^
    u can do it well

  4. Gahyao for ur trial!!
    wish u all the best..

  5. haha..same situation here.
    juz can't believe if my bm score higher than bi !!