Friday, July 2, 2010

Waiting patiently... :(

Hey :D It's me again~!
Using English too!!
Please help me to improve my ENglish,
with telling me my grammar mistake :P
Thank you 

Yesterday, my Alice fetched me back after tuition~!
She drives steadily :D
Oh yeah :D
It is so coooooooooool~!!

[This is Me & ALice.
We have long time no take photo together :( ]

I am very "羡慕" her :D
[I checked the dictionary, 羡慕 in English is "envy" or "admire". hmmm O.O 
 I don't really know how to use it. haha~! ]

And I had called the agency of learning driving. 
It is a bad news for me :(

If I want to learn driving,
I should have a L license.
If I want to have L license,
I should wait after my birthday to go for listening amali 
haiz.. still need to wait~!! oh no~!


I hope that I can have my own car soon :D

This is so nice~!
but I am not afford to buy it :(

And see this~!

Wah~! It is so niceeeeeeeeee~~~~!!!! O.O

Like it~!!
But It is impossible for me to have it :(

I can just keep dreaming and dreaming only :(

Let's talk about today~!

Yeah!! My friends and I went to play badminton today~!
Everybody enjoyed themselves very much xD

Cherish the moment :D

But I just played for an hour only O.O
Then I went to have some food.
I went to ICE TIME to eat some ice... xD


And.... I cooked bitter gourd with chicken for our dinner today~!
wow ~ Quite nice :D
I am proud of myself xD


My hair becomes longer and longer xD

I Like My HAIR very much~!!! :P


  1. hehehe. envy or admire will often be used :D
    don't worry my dear !
    you read more and blog more in english
    you'll improve very soon :D

    I like the pinky car too :)
    so nicey!
    hahaha. faster go get your license test first!

  2. ya, your hair is so long :)
    im so envy ><
    i wished my hair will becomes longer too
    hmm...i also want to improve my english .
    my english is so broken ..
    hmm ...i hope we can success!
    yeah !^^V

  3. lingling :DDD
    thank you yarr~~ <3 you :D

    it's so nice >.<

    yeah~ I will!!!
    I must drive xD and I want to go to find you mah :D

  4. small yongyuan~

    you are so funny larrr :P
    envy about what jiek :P
    haha xD

    gambateh together arrhhhh :D