Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Holiday :)

YES!! Holiday starts!


Actually, this holiday is not for playing! I need to study & prepare for my SPM TRIAL!!
woah~~~~ Although I don't like to do it, but I still want to do it just for my future :)


I will try my best to prepare well!!!!
Hope I can do it!


Of course, I am not going to study for the whole holiday!
I still have other activities with my friends :D
yeah~! ^^
A trip with almost 20++ person to bookfair at KLCC!! yahoooooooooooo ;p
So cool man!
When we are in the KTM, everyone will look at us I think because we are a big gang!
Not gangster @.@

And that day is Bernard's birthday!! What are we going to do ? :D heheh!
I also don't know~~~ xD

Happy Holiday to all of you!!!!! muakz <3 * Do click on my advertisement of Nuffnang! thank you~! *


  1. haih....really lack of time leh~
    sigh again*
    dunno wan go with u all 2moro or go tuition~

  2. yoyo, trial too.
    gambateh together ba...
    ohya, i dy followed your twitter^^