Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (1)


It was my first day attending FSM4503 class in Food Cyber 1 of our faculty. For the first day, we were given a group project from Dr Fareed. It is the Google Online Marketing Competition (GOMC) project! After I read through the introduction of GOMC, I got to know that it is an international competition for the students worldwide to start using the internet to do online marketing campaigns by using Google AdWords and Google+. One of the price of winning this GOMC is trips to Google offices!! This is such a great price for me!! Visiting Google offices is a dream for me after I watched the movie - The Internship. From the movie, it shows how special and awesome is the Google company is, and it attracts me to work in Google company! So, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (Although I know the possibility to win in GOMC is so small. Anyway, Let's have a try and get an awesome experience from it! Who knows how will the results come out? :p )

After knowing what are we going to do, we were given a link to learn about the basics of the Google AdWords. From the six videos, I learned how does the Google AdWords work on our website. It is an advertising tool which helps to boost the numbers of visitors to the websites. In another say, our website or product or service can be found easily by the new customers from all over the world. By using AdWords, we have to choose the right keywords for our website that provides certain products and services and write an eye-catching advertisement, so that the customers can discover or notice the website easily in the Google Search engine. Moreover, the landing pages of the website have to be determined wisely as well so that the customers will continue to stay on our website and choose to buy our products and services. Budget should be made so that we can spend wisely on the money to advertise our website by using Google AdWords. 

Lastly, it is a very good opportunity for me to learn online marketing by using Google Adwords and join GOMC for new experience! I hope that after this project, I can use this knowledge continually in the future.

Written by,
Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management)

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