Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reflective Writing of FSM4503 (6)


Today Dr Fareed is not with us but he has given a SCL homework for us to do it in the lab class. We are required to compare the website of Intekma Resort ( ) with the website of L' apprenti UPM. After that, suggest on what and how L' apprenti brand can learn or follow from Intekma Resort to promote the products. We have to write a maximum of 2 pages report based on the instruction above and send it to Dr Fareed. 

So, my group mate and I started to discuss this SCL at about 2.10pm. First of all, we had evaluated the website of Intekma Resort on their design, layout, arrangement and so on. We found out the strengths of the website which can be learned, followed or brought in by L' apprenti UPM on their website. Beside that, we also evaluated L' apprenti website and found out that there are a lot of improvement have to be done by them to promote their products and brand effectively. For example, we had suggested that L' apprenti UPM can learn and follow the website of Intekma Resort which is using e-commerce on their website to bring convenience to their customers. With the cooperation and ideas of every group member, we managed to finish the report in a short time. 

Through today's SCL, I realized that the website of a company have to be attractive to attract the potential customers as it acts as a marketing and advertising tool. Other than design of the website, the information provided have to be accurate and updated so that it will not give bad impression to the visitors who visit to the website. The website or Facebook page of a company have to be actively updated everyday to stay connected with their customers like what have done by Intekma Resort. In conclusion, for all these to be done, an IT expertise have to be hired to the company so that their website can be managed and controlled effectively. 

* A photo that shows the unattractive photos on the website on L' apprenti UPM and also the error description or labeling on the photo (the red velvet cake has been labeled wrongly with the name of "Tiramisu Cake"). 

Written by Khoi Zi Shen (172194)
Year 2, Sem 2, Bac. of Sc (Food Service Management).

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