Monday, October 21, 2013

After a month.

Ann yeong haseyo!! Woahhh I had a long time didn't update my blog again. I thought I can update as frequent as I can in university, but actually I am wrong. When I am free, I can't connect to the internet here. When I can connect to the internet, I am busy. LOL! Always wrong timing one! And FINALLY, today I can squeeze out some time to update about my one month life here! HAHA!

First of all, I wanna show everyone my tables in my room first as I decorated it with so many photos! LOL! I realized that I had printed out too many photos actually! hahaha! What a waste -.-!!
Tadaaaahhh here is it!!

Hrmmmmm.. I know, it's a bit messy! :D

Next, I start to have cooking lessons now! We have our own chef attire which cost almost RM200 (-,-).

With my groupmates!

LOL! Actually I just enjoy the eating sessions after all the dishes are prepared to serve! hahaha!
Quite happy after that because I didn't know that we could do it just like the dishes from restaurants! :)
Many people ask about my course recently after I posted so many cooking photos on FB! LOL! It's hard to explain too. My course is all about food. We have to learn the management of food, food preparation and science of food (microbiology and nutririon). So far, we just learning these in this semester! It's really a interesting course for me! HAHA! At least, it's not all about science! LOL!

Some of the events in UPM!

#1 RunningMan 2.0

This was organized by the chinese organization of UPM. 中华文化学会
Actually  there are quite many chinese here in UPM^^ I got to know other chinese friends who are from other faculty and also colleges! But after this game we can seldom meet each other :( So sad.

#2 MASIBU 2013 of our college, KTP

MASIBU stands for Malam Silang Budaya which is cross-culture night. It's an important event in our college.

#3 Campus Run 2013

As you know, hahaha campus run!! Running around the campus! I managed to get 300+ position among the girls in this run! I was happy because I managed to contribute a mark for my college as only the first 500 could have marks! hahaha! I got a friend, Candy Jean, who likes to run very much and she got No. 7 in this run!!! Proud of her ^^ haha! (the yellow color shirt pretty)

#4 DOGATHON 2013

On the same day of campus run, my family came to visit me. So, I brought them to this Dogathon which was an international event for dogs (I think it's international because so many people from all over the Malaysia and also foreigners too) ! All the stalls there were for dogs, not even one stall is selling human things! LOL! Alright, we saw many cute and beautiful dogs there! As we don't have a dog, so we stayed at there for a while only.

#5 Sweet 2T

An activity that is for my block Tuah only. Had a fun time with all my hostel mates here! I feel blessed that I am in this hostel because my seniors are so good to us! :) HEHEHE! We had games at night, and a breakfast party on the next morning.

In university, we have to join college, faculty and also university activities. Just realized that actually it's quite busy! And I have to manage my time very well so that I can have time to do revise. So far, really thank God that everything is still going smoothly. Hehe! Feeling grateful for his grace and mercy :) Just hope that God can continue to lead me on his path and give me the wisdom to manage my time well!!! Thank God for giving me all the friends here as well! My roommate, course mates, college mates and so on! Feeling glad to meet all of the new friends here! Let's enjoy our university life in this beautiful UPM together!!!

However, there are two friends here left to other university. So sad :( We just knew each other for a month, then have to say good-bye liao. Anyway, as you guys are chasing for your dreams, we will always support you! :) Just wanna wish them all the best in their lives!!! And I hope that after this we still can keep in touch and hang out together but not just only commenting to each other photos and status in FB only D: HAHAHA! I will miss you girls~! HAHA
One is the pretty Candy Jean

Another one is cute Daneesha!

Love you oh! Saranghaeyo! Ai ni oh!

Many things happen in university. Actually I got a lot more to share about.. like the international friends that I meet here! haha! But then, I have no time liao :-(
Wait for my next update bah! LOL!


  1. Haha, this is the first time I visit your blog, so just decided to leave my footprint here (no worries, it's not made of carbon, hehe).
    I suggest that you use faculty's or library's computer, the line could be super fast there. All the best and God bless! =)