Sunday, September 15, 2013


Bello! After 2 weeks of university life, finally I am here to updated about it! So excited to share it here as I love my university very much after I got to know it during the orientation week! As the photo shown, I am now studying at Univeristy Putra Malaysia aka UPM. Initially it was named as University Pertanian Malaysia, but don't know when it changed to Putra because it had became a research university. Actually they had told us when the name had changed during the orientation week but I forgot! LOL!
I love UPM very much! I start to convince my siblings and also some of my juniors who are taking STPM now to apply for UPM next time LOL! Heyyy this is the larger university in Semenanjung Malaysia! I haven't walk around my university yet as it's really big!! But I did had a short tour around the university in the bus whenever I am going to my faculty. I hope that next time I can walk around the whole university with my legs! Beside that, I also attracted by the activities here, because there is a horse riding club here!!! I think it's so special as not much university got this kind of club! hahaha!! I will try to join this club once because it's hard to join as it's a popular club D: My dad also encouraged me to enjoy my university life by joining all of the society LOL! He asked me to use all the facilities that are provided by the university!! Yeah this is what I want! I wanna go to the gymnasium I wanna use the swimming pool I wanna try to play squash and tennis!! SEEE! I got so many things to do in my to-do-lists liao T_____T GOULI LIAO. Anyway, if God allows, I will enjoy my university life and also try to get a good result in every semester! :) All the best to all my friends too!

"How is your hostel?" UPM got 17 hostels. I am now staying in their 8th hostel - Kolej Tun Perak (KTP). In KTP there are 5 blocks and there is only one is for boys. So I am now staying in the block that named as Block Tuah. In the first day I arrived at there, I was quite shocked after seeing my room because it was dirty like no one staying there for many years! It was out of my expectations! LOL! Actually I had imagined too much before this so I was kind of disappointed! I know I shouldn't expect too much but I am that kind of kid that like to imagine :3 hehe! And the condition of the toilets... haihhhh my bro even said it's worse than the dorm in PLKN. Just hope that next year it will be my block's turn to have renovation of the toilets! I heard some friends told us that actually the room in KTP is better than some other hostels. Because our room is bigger as we only fit in 2 persons but they have to fit in 4 persons in a room which is just bigger than ours a bit only!! So we are the happy children :3 haha!
Let's see my room :

Not bad lah... just don't like the cement floor loh.. and the tilam of my bed was yeerrrrrrr got so many dust at the first day, my dad did helped me to reduce the dust lahh but Idk how is the condition now! So my dad bought me a thinner tilam so I can avoid to sleep on their tilam LOL! And my desk is kind of big! :D I am gonna decorate the noticeboard soon!! I had thought of it for a long time because I like to decorate! hahaha! So stay tuned for it!!! Check out my instagram - feathernight as I always post my daily photos there xp

"What course are you taking?" The course that I got offered from UPM is Bachelor of Science - Food Service Management under the Faculty of Science and Food Technology. I think the planning of God is really wonderful and awesome! You know what?! After I found out what is this course about and what to study, I found that the course that I am taking is quite interesting and suit me because not much about science and more in management and practical. Actually I am not that pro in my science subjects T____T And I always didn't understand what were my friends doing when we were doing experiments in the lab. But I still love science more lahhh compared to account and sastera @@ haha! So my course got a bit science a bit management lohh. That is what I can describe to you LOL! Somemore, my course is quite relaxing compared to other course like food tech! hahaha! I am free on Tuesday and Friday after morning class!!
Actually this is a new course in UPM. We are the 2nd batch students! We got 35 students in this course and there are only 5 chinese with a boy only. hahaha! Here we are!!!
But Jin Chang the only boy doesn't like this course much lah, he said he is going to change his course next year! Good luck to him lohhh!! :) And the other girls let's enjoy and have a nice time together in the next four years ^^ Oh ya! Wanna thanks to all our seniors that gave us their notes! Feeling grateful ^^

Although our course has not much chinese, but never mind we got to know some other chinese who are from the same hostel (KTP) with us but different courses! Most of us are from the same faculty lah! So happy to meet all of them - my new friends!! They all are so friendly and really easy to get close to all of them! :D hahaha!
Taaadaaaaaaaaa! All the chinese from KTP!

The girls :D

Sorry ohhh.. using front camera is that burrrr d lahh D:
HAHAHA! Hope that all of us can get along better in the future!!!! muakz!
There are some other races friends too lah ^^ Like Malays, Indians and also those from East Malaysia!! They are so friendly to me toooooo :3

And lastly, can you guess who is my roommate? :D hehehehehe!!

Nahhhh this is her - Huily! Did you guess it correctly??? :)
So far we get along quite well. But I just afraid that I will do something that will makes her mad at me @@ hahaha Like what I did to my forever roommate - Sister! LOL!

"Are you driving to UPM?" No, I can't. There is a rule stated that all the first year students cannot bring their vehicles and must stay in their hostels for a year. So my life sticks back to KTM again because I have to take KTM to go home in every weekends T____T But driving to UPM is not a good idea as well because Serdang always got traffic jam. My dad experiences it whenever he comes to UPM.

Photos in the orientation week :
The big hall that we always had talks here. The big hall that can fit in almost 4000 of us.

Before and after every talks start, all of us in the hall will cheers for our own kolej! The scene was so great yet noisy lahhhh during the cheering session! LOL! 

Hrmmm So I think that's all  for me to share about my 2 weeks of university life. hahaha! Many things to share in the future!!! ^^