Monday, March 25, 2013


Holiday now! Hoooorayy!! As a teacher, I am so happy too! No need to teach for a week ^^ but we still have tuition for the primary school students lah. And all my kindergarten kids are so damn happy too! They like to ask during every Friday :"teacher, tomorrow no need to come to school,right?" haha. Oh my kids, you don't want to see me meh? :( 

 Some kids from my kindergarten!!

Before holiday, I let them took picture in front of the notice board!

*Sorry ,the photos were taken with my phone, so they're a bit low quality!*
HAHA! Look at the notice board! Our current theme is Colourful World! Hrmmm.. Have to put more colorful things on it, is it? keke!

Happy Holiday my kids ^^ Hope that you guys won't cry  when you come back to school after the holiday.

I would like to post some photos that was taken on 1st of March. 
It was a day we celebrated a kid's birthday! Actually his birthday is on 29th of Feb and there is no this day in 2013! LOL! He is the first person I know with this birthday! haha. 
Okay. He is the birthday boy and with his oppa gangnam style cake...
Psy is famous among the kids too. LOL! 
They even danced gangnam style. OmO
See!!! How happy are them!

HAHA! Thanks his parents for preparing so much things for the boy's birthday party! It made the children's day. They really like to have party. haha. But the teacher(me) was busy to clean the class on that day!!! @@ "Teacher, my cake fell down." "Teacher, I want to go and wash my hands" teacher..teacher..teacher.. almost got insane! LOL! Besides, it's also very hard to ask them to take group photo because they're too happy to get a goodies bag in the party!!
However, it's a great party for us.

Haha. Children are always that cute! Hope that their smile will make your day!!
Happy Holiday again ^^

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