Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pre-U Graduation Ceremony 2012

Venue : Crystal Crown Hotel, Kepong
Date   : 30th October 2012

*Two of my tall friends :D They are the tallest girls in our class!!! Some boys are shorter than them tim :p *

Yes! This was happen on last two months before the STPM! It was my first time having such graduation ceremony since I didn't have our Form 5 graduation ceremony last time. Before this ceremony, everyone of us was so worried for our dressings and attires! Many of us tried to get ourselves a best attire for that day :) Yup! Everyone dressed up nicely that day!

In the morning, some of us girls went to Nic's house to dress up together! HAHA! We are all make-up idiots!! We didn't know how to make up! It was our first time to do make up for ourselves!! LOL! That morning was so funny because all of us were all "kelam-kabut"!! And we ran out of time!! :O I really didn't know that we would take so much time to do the make up!! I some more curled my hair by using Nic's hair curler that day!!! BUT my hair returned back to the normal hair when we arrived at school to gather up!! So sad lar!! After going back to origin, my hair turned messy! Argghhh.. I end up with just pin up my fringes...

After gathering at the school, we went to Kepong by bus. Actually it was quite funny that we all dressed up nicely and took bus to the hotel! HAHA! But it's okay lar, we all had fun in the bus! HAHA!

Before the ceremony started, we got our little crazy photo sessions! Too many photos liao! So I combined some of the photos together lar :D

*With Pn. Vijaya and Pn. Thiaga :D Both are sweet teachers <3 br="br">

*Nic and the two pretty topaz girls and me :D *

*Yue Mei, and the two pretty topaz girls! HAHA!! If all of us girls do this pose together sure will have a nice output, right? xp "

*Two flower boys and Nic! :D *

*The boys and two girls :D Nice leh this photo!! So I just stole it from someone facebook! :D *

After that, we all had to wear the graduation gowns.

 *The boys again with the gowns! I didn't take group photos with others with the gowns! So I stole this from someone facebook again! LOL! *

We had to wear the graduation gowns for receiving our graduation sijil and awards on the stage :D
I got the best results for the Pengajian Am paper :D  Yeahh got a free pendrive! hahaha

Nic also got 2 awards! One is for the Biology paper! She also got the best results for the science stream class!
*Wahh got flowers!! So happy!!! xixi!*

Class photo sessions :

 Take 1 : Serious first.

 Take 2 : Oppa Gangnam Style. LOL! I asked Sir what pose we wanna do when taking free style! And he said oppa gangnam style! But he didn't do the pose xp

The Ruby also got oppa gangnam style
 LOL!! Yup! Zhee Kiat was dancing! See, everyone was looking at him xp He knows how to "抢镜头" well :p

And lastly, we finally had our lunch at about 3pm!! *Hungry die* The food there are quite nice :D Not bad not bad!

We just got little time to eat only then we went back to Rawang liao. So we didn't eat too much there!! :(

 *Diamond girls with David Sir :) And you see the right hand side!!! So funny!!!! Photobombed by KarWai!!!! LOL!! *

*Diamond chinese boys with David Sir! ermmm.. Wai Kit and Kang Nyong.... *

 *We Diamond Class!!! :D *

Shine bright like a diamond... shine bright like a diamond.. LOL! Someone told me that many people don't like this song!! But whenever I listen, I will think of our class xp It's like our theme song!!!! HAHAHA!!! Let's shine bright like a Diamond!!!!!! :p

Lastly, a group photo of all the SMK Seri Garing Pre-U students (Upper Six) on 2012!!!! We are the last batch of students using the old system STPM!

Pre-U life is ended. STPM is ended. 2012 is gonna end too :)
Time really passed very fast!!! ^^ I will be stepping into another stage of life soon!!! I am so looking forward yet don't really want to grow up so fast. I think many people have the same thought right?
Anyway, let us don't stop and keep moving forward to the future. Be brave to accept every challenge in our life and keep learning until die(活到老,学到老啊). Jiayou! Gambateh! Hwaiting! <3 br="br">

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