Thursday, December 22, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S ?

#1 First, I will...

Agree right? If you haven't open the box, how can you touch or hold your phone? ;p TEEHEE!

#2 Okay after opening the box, I will observe the phone first!! I will observe carefully all the cool part of the iPhone 4S! Then I think I will show all my epic awesome face expressions all the day like....

and I will keep WOOOOOOOW-ing all the day!!!!!! Because I will be damn happy and remain in EXCITED mode the whole week I think if I really get the iPhone 4S!!!!!

#3 After that, I will download ALL THE AWESOME APPS from the Apps Store! WAHAHAHHA!
If I really get iPhone 4S, I can download whatever I like already not like my iPhone 3GS now D: hahahaha
And not forgetting all those CUTE & AWESOME THEMES for the phone ;p

#4 Then, of course is make up my iPhone 4S!!! I will help it to buy many pretty or cute or cool casings! HeHe! Then I can change its cloth everyday!!!! Super Love!

#5 Next, try on the brand new features - SIRI! Say Hi to it...introduce myself to it...after we known each other, I will start sharing my secrets with it! LOL! I think SIRI will be a good secrets keeper! :D

#6 Try on the 8 MEGAPIXELS CAMERA! AHAHAHAHA! Capture the stars on the sky that my iPhone 3GS can never do it!!! :O Hrmmmm Can it capture the night scene like the DSLR does? WOW! Really must try it when I get this phone! ;D

LOL Actually the question is What IS the FIRST THING I will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S...
And I just uttered ALL the things that I am gonna do after getting the DIGI iPhone 4S!!!! So it had already showed how excited am I to get this DIGI iPhone 4S!!!!!

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