Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Okayyy I just accepted the challenge from DIGI & NUFFNANG to WIN AN IPHONE 4S!!!!
Although my English is just that bad and having a great bunch of grammar mistakes, I DON'T CARE NOW! I just want to get a DIGI IPHONE 4S!!!!


When I first met with iPhone, it was using by my friend and it was still iPhone 3G I think. And after some times, it evolvd to iPhone 4! And I was so attracted to the design of this phone :O It's soooo *I just don't know what adjectives should I use to describe the beauty of iPhone 4 -,-*.... And I love it because of all the casing that can be used for the iPhone 4! I just fall in love with all the lovely casingggg 
Like the bunny one :-*
Or the Stitch one!

Ahahahahaha! I like all those casing which are as CUTE as both of the above casing! ;p
Seeeeee! IPhone 4 can just simply change its cloth with so many different kinds of  "DAMN NICE" designs anytime! And when you walk into the shopping mall you can spot that everywhere is selling the iPhone 4 casings!!! Arghhhhhhhh I just hope that I can get an iPhone 4 instead of an iPhone 3GS that I got it from my dad last few month ago!! :C
Ahahaha! Actually I am satisfied with my iPhone 3GS larrrr, because AT LEAST I am an Apple User! And I can use most of the apps that iPhone 4 can use, so I just accepted it and forgot about the iPhone 4 dream.

And now, iPhone 4 had evolved again to the BRAND NEW IPHONE 4S with IOS 5!!!!

WOW! \(*O*)/
Actually the design of it doesn't have much different with the iPhone 4! The different is all the new features in it! They are just so AWESOME & AMAZING as my friend (yeah it's you, Anderson) told me. And I also knew how COOL is it through the social network and the commercials everywhere.

Hrmmmmm  I am having a dream to get an iPhone 4s now! :O
I did really dreamt about that I just win in a competition and I get an iPhone 4s! HAHAHA!
Will it be this contest? >.<

I am so happy that DIGI is so KIND to have this giving away contest with Nuffnang!!!
With this contest I can win an iPhone 4S without wasting my dad's money :) *like I am gonna win this -,-*  because I am such an useless girl who always just know to use the money and don't know how to earn it back! :(
So I am not dare to request an iPhone 4s from my dad! D: And many people also think that it's not necessary for me to get an iPhone 4s as I own an iPhone 3GS already! :(
And now, it's a GOLDEN CHANCE for me to get an iPhone 4S without wasting my dad's money and I SURE WILL TRY MY BEST TO WIN IT! ^^Y


#1 The SIRI.

- When I just knew about this, I think I am not going to use this, I mean I am not going to talk to SIRI , because I can't speak English well! I think SIRI will not understand what am I talking about -,- LOL
Like this video :
HAHAHA! It's a funny video : iPhone 4s SIRI vs Japanese! HaHaHaHa! The Siri just can't understand what's the Japanese saying! HaHa! I don't want to be like the Japanese too >.<

But don't know since when, I think that I can improve my English speaking skills through talking with SIRI! Wooohooooo! Brilliant idea! hahaha! So when my English speaking skills improved, I not only can talk to the SIRI, I can also order SIRI to do whatever things I wanna do on it! ;p And whenever I have secrets I can just tell SIRI! :D HeHe Dear SIRI, please help me to keep my secret yar >.<

#2 The Notification Centre

-Yeah I like this so much! You can just slide the Notification Centre down and get to know what's new like the latest messages, email, Facebook notification or even the weather!! It's just bring our lives much more convenience! yeahhhh ;p
And when there is message for you....
You just need to "SLIDE TO REPLY"!!!!
IT'S JUST SO CONVENIENT! Love it to the max!

#3 The Camera

-Ahahahaha 8 MEGAPIXELS CAMERA! It's just so DAMN NICE! Like you no need to bring any camera more and you just need to bring along with your 8 MEGAPIXELS iPhone 4s and you can simply capture many HIGH SOLUTION PHOTOS! Wooooo! This is what I want! >.< Because it's so troublesome *sometimes* that you have to take care of the camera while you have to take care of the phone too (Can this be the reason? Ahaha!)....
Some more, with the front camera....I can self-shooting easily anytime and anywhere ;p heeeeee

Okay! Those are the main 3 special features of iPhone 4s that I like :) Teeeheee! ;p

And can I complain about some disadvantages of iPhone 3GS?
Just some problems that I meet lar >.< HaHaHa! Actually there are many apps that iPhone 3GS can't use!!! I am quite pekcek -.- 'cause whenever I found that it's an interesting apps, and it just told me that it's only for iPhone 4! D: OR even the themes too!! Many of the themes are just for iPhone 4 only! It's so unfair :(


I want to win DIGI iPhone 4S is because
#1 I wanna have all those nice casing for my phone! *iPhone 4S also can use the casing for iPhone 4! :D *
#2 I wanna talk to the SIRI and improve my English speaking skills!
#3 I wanna make my life more convenient with the notification centre!
#4 I wanna have the 8 megapixels camera to take high solution photos!
#5 I wanna use every apps from the Apple store!
#6 I wanna use every nice themes for the phone!
#7 I don't wanna waste my dad's money!

Wanna participate in this contest too?
This is what you will need to do; in separate blog posts tell us
• Why is DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable, with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE’.
• Why do you want the iPhone 4S, with the tile ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME’. You can even submit a vlog for this one!
• What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST’.
• Why Siri and DiGi are your best companions with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS
For more details, check out this LINK

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