Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nicole's Birthday

Heyyyooo! Finally, I am blogging now!
Yesterday, I can't online for the whole day! I was damn boring!! I had finished my drama, my sis went for shopping, I don't know how to play Dota ( My bro still can play Dota without online)....I have no money to go for shopping  x.x  errrrrrrrrrmmmmmm So I just wasted a day. So today I should do whatever I can do now!

Actually there is many things for me to blog! Like...last Saturday! :)
It was 10.12.2011. We had planned a birthday surprise for Nicole whose birthday is on 22nd of December!
She is going to Taiwan, and on that day she will not at Malaysia, so we decided to celebrate her birthday earlier and gave her a SURPRISE!

Our surprise was like that :
#1 All of us gathered at Lin Wan's house which is near to Nic's house first.
#2 When everyone was ready, we walked to Nic's house.
#3 Me and Anderson asked her out for dinner , then we brought her to an alley next to her house.
#4 Others showed up with the cake!

Ahahahahhahaha! We could see that there was some tears rolling in Nic's eyes :] but she said her eyes always like that de worrrr :O
This surprise can be success, we have to thank to CKS too ! :) Although she was not there at that time , but she did discussed and helped us to think ideas for this surprise! And everyone thought she would be there at that time! LOL!

After singing birthday song in front of Nic's house, we were all welcomed to her house!
Before we went out for dinner, we had taken so many group photos! :)

Preparing and finding a place to stand.....

Take 1

Take 2

LOL! The cake appeared in both take 1 & take 2! Continue...

Take 3 : Changed place! :D Hehehe! *and no more cake in the photo! *

Take 4

Take 5 : All of us were kissing the birthday girl!!! * Look at the guys! They were so paiseh! ahaha! *

Take 6 : Changed place again...

;D After all these group shooting we went for dinner!

When we all back to Nic's house again, we continued to take photos again and spent our whole night at Nic's house ;)

This is one of the special photos we had taken ! Aahahaha! We were playing with the Joey's iPhone 4 front camera! Ahahahaha!
Behind the scene....
Showing our butt! LOL!


*Some of them had gone home, so just 12 of us were taking this only! And I make it to gif  :) *

Bye bye!
*All photos are taken from Hawaii's album! :) *

We know each other since standard 4 until now... it is already 8 years! And we had been in the same class since 8 years ago until now! WOW! As I know, you are a friend who always care of others and always like to help us whenever we meet any problems and always listen to my lame grumble!!
 Many of us like to share our secrets with you :)
And I remembered that, you cried with me when I called you from NS! LOL! It was quite funny but it was really TOUCHED! ;') Thank you! 
I will appreciate what you had done to me! :) <3
Thank you very much for everything!!! <3 muakz!

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