Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bye July!

Actually I have nothing to update :$ Just feel like want to write something and share some photos xD

My pretty sister :D

my handsome brother! :DD

Today my daddy brought me to have a body check, because I am getting fatter and fatter recently! He afraid that I will get any obese disease @@  wow! 
It's ok. I am kind of like to do body check :D because it was so excited when there is a needle prick into my skin xp LOL! I am so insane :p

Ok! Next thing I want to share daddy is so funny!  LOL!
Just now he asked us to call him with his name but not "daddy" because he want us to treat him as friend! It was kind of weird, right? LOL! laugh die me liao! xD 
Then he told us that "Winson" was the nickname he used before! But he said don't call him Winson, he doesn't like this name anymore xD LOL!
Ok, maybe it is not funny for you guys xD hahahhahahahahahahah!

Lastly, July is over! ;-(   Byebye!See you next year! 
Oh yes! Due to Hari Puasa, tomorrow we can finish school earlier than usual! Oh yes! 
Oh no! We will be having our first exam after 2 weeks! D:

What else?
Oh yes! After exam we will have our holiday! And I am going to hang out with so many friends ;p
Oh no! I will be having another exam on October! D: 

LOL! Bye~ :ppp

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