Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Like the angle! :))  
Just went back from cycling. 
My daddy strictly asked me to lose my weight!!!! :OO If not, I am also lazy to cycle around the garden for half an hour -.- LOL
My daddy said after I went back from National Service, I did look slim, but after a few weeks or months later, I gain more weight and look so obese!!!! D:
My daddy said my tummy looks like very very big T.T Yeassss it is >.< LOL! I am lazy to do sit up :$

So, after scolded by my daddy, I have to do more exercises -.- I obey his command!! 
Some more, recently I got serious asthma! D:  It was so suddenly!!!!
No more ice or cold drinks! :目 


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  2. ops...better keep an eye on your diet...
    keep exercise to make a surprise to your dad..=D