Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hi Holiday :)

I like this photo because can't see my tummy! wahahaha! credits to Alice the photographer :p

Yo! :)) It's holiday!! 2 weeks holiday and i wasted one still left one @@
I used to be super happy when it comes to holiday, but now I have no feelings. Because after SPM, I had had a super long holiday, and I had played enough. hoho. Some more, I am lack of money! 
In the holiday, I just wish to go for movies only! There are many movies release during this holiday!!! I wanna watch all of them! D:  
arrrrghhhhhh I think I can't  D:  because....LACK OF MONEY! 

My sister and brother just left the home. They went for a camp at Malacca. I am super duper regret now -.- I should follow them!!!!! I experienced the same loneliness again -.- Last time, they also went for a camp and left me alone at home! WOW! Same situation and same victims! =D

On the wednesday. 1st of June, I went to a dulcimer concert.
I have to admit that it's really amazing and awesome! O.O
Wooooahhh!! 震撼you know?! HaHaHa!
But some of the songs I was not so enjoy larrr~~ I just enjoyed on looking at their skills @@ GENG! hahaha.
One of the song that impressed me the most is 《美丽的非洲 - Beautiful Africa》 :DD
I can feel the "happy" melody! Imagined that there are a group of wild animals running in a field that full of grassss~~~~~ wooooh! :D yeah~ that kind of melody! :D
In the end of the concert, there was a signing of 4 of them in the photo! hahahaha.
The 3 young man so cute leh ;p
The man with black color suit is their “sifu" :DD

Spot me and Nic at the back xD We were trying to take photo with them! D=
But they were so busy to sign sign sign -.- 
Kinda proud of our friend - Spinifex! 
He was the chairman of this concert :)) WOW! If I am his mum, I will be very touched :'( My son became a big boy!
Well done xie zheng li!

HOT HOT HOT! Super hot weather ~.~ RAIN RAIN RAIN please! 
My dad brought me to Kepong Jusco just now, bought a purplish bottle :p 
Have to drink more water larrr~~ but not drink until the level that can cause us to death lar @@
A pimples is going to burst! wooohhh~ faster burst it out lar -.-! so pain!

Before I end this post, hahaha! 
May I ask a question????
Do you notice my new banner??? xD hahahahaha!
PINK PINK PINK :pp my sis said, small little princess?? :p
and the kinda cool sentence! I copied from Twitter :p

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