Monday, December 13, 2010

No Regret 巾帼枭雄之义海豪情

Yeah :) Finish watching this drama - No Regret.
Nice one!
Every seconds was so "gan jeong" LOL!
But sometimes it was quite boring.

I think the story is quite nice :D 
I don't know how to use english to story about this drama :)
So.... watch it yourself! LOL!

And you can also go through this website :
It has the timeline of every episode~ So "geng" lar that guy :p

I have to study for my Chinese paper now! O.O
I had used all my time to watch this drama & play facebook in the whole morning!
And now, I am a bit dizzy =.= Can't study one larr~
So, decide to have my siesta first ;p HaHa!
Rest to have a longer way to go~

Haiz~ :( Tonight, my daddy won't come home because his office is far away from Rawang.
And my sis & bro haven't come back yet :(
They will be back tomorrow!
Tonight - a lonely night again! Tonight I will be scarier than last few days leh because my daddy can't come home :(
How???!! Thinking which friend can I go to her house and stay over for a night :o
May GOD bless me!

Some friends got their letter to go for National Service already, but I haven't.
I hope to go to lose my weight with their activities.
I hope to not go to stay at home and have a long & nice holiday.
But... most probably is going de lar :) hehehe!
So...May GOD lead me on his way ^^

After tomorrow, SPM is officially end for me :p
Last paper for SPM! So happy!
And will be going to Genting on the next day with my friends :D
Hope to have a nice trip, and everyday have a nice day for us so that we can carry out all the activities we had planned :)
Pray for our safety :)

Thank you! TaTa! <3

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