Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a moron!

Hello Hello!! Did you all miss me? :)
I seem like long time no update my blog o.o
Am I? LOL.

Recently, I keep watching drama everyday!
Oh NO!! T^T I started to leave my facebook alone... but now, I can't leave the drama until I finish the drama :( I know I am so useless! I can't control myself to study. Hope that I can finish the drama as soon as possible! So I can concentrate on my study, and prepare for my trial :)



Today, I went to market with my daddy. o.o Long time no go to market already...but I still don't like it... There is smelly! HaHaHa!! And the floor is so wet!! o.o My daddy bought some chicken & fish for me, so that I can cook for my brother & sister ^^

Today, I skip my church activities again >.< because I need to go for a study smart workshop at the Perfection. Hrmmmm. It was quite useful for me I think. The teacher taught us how to study smart!
HaHaHa! I will try it !! I don't wanna to study stupid anymore! LOL!

If I have the time, I will share with you all how to study smart!!! ^^


Actually, nothing else for me to update my blog =.=
A meaningless post ~ I am wasting my time =3=
So stupid!!! What a moron !! =.=

Ok~ TaTa!!! 

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