Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey guys :D
Today I am going to share about Nuffnang.

Do you ever curious about why am I always asking you all to help me to click on the advertisement of Nuffnang?


Do you ever curious about why are there so many logo of Nuffnang on my blog or others blog?


Do you wanna to know more about it? :)
Just have a visit on this link -

You will know more about Nuffnang on the link. And you will know what is Nuffnang!
If you want me to explain to you...
It is impossible! LOL!
Because I will make you more confuse with my words!
So better click on the link and check it out!!!! :)

There are many types of advertisement!!!
Let you see some advertisement on my blog. :D

Sometimes, there will be 2 advertisements ! :)

I am so happy when I see the advertisements!! I seldom see them :( So, I was excited when I saw them xD And I will not hesitate to click them!

So, you should do so!!!
When you see any advertisement on my blog...pleaseee~~~~ help me to click on it! :D

Although my earnings through Nuffnang still a little...
But I believe that I can earn more in the future!!!!

P/S :My SPM is around the corner. D:
         Will be less online.
         But I hope that you guys can always visit my blog!!!! ^^
         Thank you very much <3

Oh ya!!! I had changed the songs on my blog!
It is a piano music. It is very nice! I like it so much!
Hope you love it too <3