Friday, August 20, 2010


A simple diary.
Just have an idea to record down this day :)
Assume that today is 19-08-2010.


Last night, the rain fell heavily.
Woah ~ so cool!
When I woke up, the air was cool & refreshing.

Today, we celebrated Maple's birthday in the school. 
She got shocked!
Yeah! ^^V It was a SURPRISE for her.
We bought something for her, and her favorite cake - Green Tea & Redbean Cake!
Woah~  I like this cake too! So nice! Yummy :P

Actually her birthday is on this sunday, 22nd of August.

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! <3

During the class, my friends & I changed our name xD
So funny! We were all confused with it sometimes! Having fun with my friends :D
but Nicole didn't come to school today :( 

After school, I went to Spinifex's house to do homework.
He said if I don't go to his house, he will have his siesta during his whole afternoon!
So I went to his house to finish my homework, and he promised to fetch me back home!
Yeah ^^V So I no need to walk home xD Yes! Thank you very much!
It was worthy.

His mom was so funny. xD
She told me that I am beautiful but I am fat !
LOL! I was flying in the sky! xD
YeaH! I think I should keep fit and Loss my weight!
I will try my best lar~


Hrmmmm... just a simple diary....
Because I think today was very funny!

( sorry for my article which full of grammar mistake >.< )


  1. yer =( i know...>< they told me bout u all changed ur not there T.T


    ano his mommy very funny de!

    i learnt a word thru ur blog leh..'sieata'
    i duno this word leh...haha i googled it ady..=P

  2. haha ! GOOD LA~ u use ur time well ^^ hehe !