Monday, August 23, 2010

Scribble Wall :S

Monday :) A day with blue color? Then why are there people say Monday blue? o.o
HaHaHa  My utter unfunny joke! Just ignore it xD

Actually, nothing special at all for me to update! 
Just....... let see something!!!

心知透名!!! o.o
If you know chinese, you will know what is the problem!
I took this photo in the toilet of my school. When I saw this...I felt a bit funny! HaHa!
It supposed to be 心知肚明,is it? o.o I think so! But I never heard 心知透名before!

I don't know why there are many people like to conteng ( scribble ) on the wall.
If you want to conteng, why don't you conteng nicely? =.= 
They always conteng about " I love XXX " or "XXX is a stupid" something like that. 
Destroy the beauty of the toilet! ( Hrmmmm... I use the incorrect word, am I? >.< )

If they can conteng the wall nicely like the wall below........

....the number of students go to toilet per day will increase! HaHa

Yeah~ :) Do you know conteng? It is a Malay word. Conteng in English is scribble, is it??? 
Hrmmmm... I found the dictionary, but still don't know :S


  1. Yea, hate those immature kiddos !
    They got nothing else to do but being a bitch :P
    If they hate person,
    straight away scold him/her la !
    Coward bitch.
    Opps ! Am I being harsh? lol.

  2. i guess i get the point,'xin zhi tou ming' hahas

  3. [reira] hahha~~ cool down cool down :D

    [kimi] yeah xDD