Saturday, August 7, 2010

Morning of Saturday!

Good morning! HaHaHa~ I slept lately last night, but I woke up quite early today! 

Wake up & the coffee xD But I should change it to "wake up to smell the milo" :D

I had a cup of milo & some biscuit for my breakfast! HaHaHa. I like hot milo but not cold milo! :) 

HaHa~ my milo is something like that.
But my cup is more bigger xD

A day to relax. 
Every Saturday, I used to go for drilling practice of fire brigade, and meeting of boy's brigade. Yea, I felt quite tired sometimes :( But today...I no need to go for both of them! HaHaHa! YEAH! I am so happy :p

But today I am going to my friend's house to do project. Yeah~ Hope our project can finish as soon as possible & as nice as possible. :)


Yesterday, I steamed a fish with ginger! was not nice >.< quite weird...Actually, I didn't know to cook it. I tried it with my way ! HaHaHa! 

I know I am so...bored that always update my blog.

So what :p I like to update whenever I want! blek :p

Have a look on my "ME" pages :p
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