Saturday, August 7, 2010

A different Saturday for Feather.

Yes! I am here again~ 
HaHa! I know you will support me one, is it? :D

I had just updated my blog a few hours ago! HaHa! But I am updating it again! Blek~! :p 

Today I went to Da Chun's house to make our video for the photography competition.Oh == WTX... Da Chun has something to do! And I was just waiting for him to finish his stuff...
After he finished, we were just left 1 hours to make our video! =.= It was shit-able!

So, of course we can't finish our video! The rest of the part of the video will be handle by Da Chun by his own. =.= Good luck to him. 

While Da Chun was doing his stuff, I played his webcam! LOL.

Take 1 :

Take 2 :

HaHaHa~ Take 2 is more refined! 
Take 1...errr....What am I doing? o.o 
I am going to EAT YOU ALL!! hahahahaha xD Just a lame joke :p

Then, me & Da Chun...

Take 1:

Take 2:

HaHa~! We were crazy in take 2!!! :o

HeHeHeHe! After that I went for Add Maths tuition. :)

Recently, the weather is quite hot is it? >.< Did you all notice it???
My teacher told me that the sun was exploded! Erm... actually it explodes everyday! HaHa. But this time it is more serious. So our weather is hot recently. 
Yea~ I am very hot right now, although it was raining just now. =3=

Drink more water bah :P
Don't burn the rubbish. Actually, some of my neighbors sometimes burn rubbish. But I don't know how to stop them as I am just a teenager. LOL! Hope that they can repent as soon as possible! 

Love the nature.

Live out a Happy & Healthy Life.

Have a visit on my "ME" page,ok?
I updated it yesterday~ HaHaHa
I is interesting! ^^V

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  1. nice photo...the last one...I wondered who took it...XP

  2. Haha,
    love the nature !

  3. hahah ! nice pic leh ~ yalo my jiran owiz open burning ! hate them but i aso dunno ho to stop them ><

  4. lol

  5. last nice very nice!
    u two really like fraternal twins.LOL

  6. thanks ben :P
    reira : yeah!! xD
    sarah : ano!!! so bad lar them!
    shirl3y : 哈哈!! 我也很喜欢咯!! xD
    nicole : haha! thank you :P
    sol-mate : yeah~!!! xDD hahahaha!! a bit LOL