Thursday, August 5, 2010

Expired Rubbish

It is a nice music video.
I just watched it just now from chuckei's blog >.<
I know I am outdated that many of you had watched this before!
But I still wanna to share it!
because it really nice & meaningful!

It is a reflection of the nowadays society.
They abandon their old parents.
They think the seniors are useless for them.
They think the seniors are a heavy load for them.
Then, they send them to the old folks home.
Or some are just leave them alone by ignoring them as well.


How cruel are them?!!
They are cold-blooded!

They don't think about who is the one who grow them up.
They don't think about who is the one who give them education.
They don't think about who is the one who give birth of them.

So sad.

When I see some old pity beggars sitting beside the road,
I have compassion for them.
But what can I do?

I had thought that,
when I grow up I can open a old folks home to take them in.
But they will be more people abandon their parents is it?? o.o

So , just hope that everyone can be filial to your parents.
Don't abandon them.
Don't ignore them.

Concern them.
Care them.
Love them.

They need L-O-V-E.


I love my daddy.
Although sometimes I feel that he is making trouble out of nothing.
But I still love him.
He takes care of 3 of us.
He works hard to support this family.
I know he loves us too as I love him!

I love my mummy.
Although she is not living with us and doesn't take care of us.
But I still love her.
She gave birth to me to this wonderful world.
She sometimes brings us travel to other places.
I know she loves us too as I love her!

I love my ah gong [grandfather] as well.
Although sometimes I feel wearisome with his chatter.
But I still love him.
He is just concern about us.
I know he did all that is good for us.
He is old now.
He always tell me that he is going to die.
I feel sad when I hear this!
I don't want he leave us.
We love him.
And he still doesn't know my God. :(

I love my siblings too.
They always think that I am a bad sister.
Because I always scold them.
But I really love them.
I scold them because I love them, caring them.
I know sometimes I am making trouble out of nothing too.
Sorry about that. >.<
I hope that I can control myself not to be so fierce.
And I don't give them a good example.
I am addicted to the computer.
I always play computer.
I seldom talk to them.
So, I hope I can change it. :(

I love my God.
HE created everything in this world, including you & me.
HE loves everything that he created.
But he hate the sin that live in us.
HE provides all that we need.
HE leads us to walk in the light.
We will meet him in the heaven after the end of the world.

A different post from me.

Actually there was something happen today.
I argue with my friend.
And I hurt my friend's mouth too.
I know I am so rude.
I know I am just like a boy.
Sorry about that.

Blar blar blar...... :P