Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Birthday 2010

7.59pm , 20th of July...........

It's my birthday!!!


When I went to my school,
Alice gave me two pieces of cake as my present.
Presents from Snowy, Maple & Kuan Kiat :)

weeeeeee thank you very much larrr!

So surprise that three of you will buy for me :D

Then, it was my classmates turn :P
They gave me & Da Chun a surprise. 
They bought us a cake!

wow! yeah~ I ♥ cake ! ^^V

Thank you very much larrr

♥ you all!!!

Tell you secretly....
Actually I could guess it liao de :P
But still appreciate it larr!!!

This is the present from my fraternal brother!
Da Chun!

It was a shirt!
I asked him to buy for me one ^^

If I still getting fat,
I think I can't wear it next time.


This was from others!

So nice~

There were many love shaped paper inside it.


There was all my friends' wishes for me inside them!!!

I had taken photo for all the wishes~!
I posted them all on my facebook xD
Take a look at HERE
Or you just go and see it on my facebook!

So creative lar them!!! 

I like it so much larrr

The other presents are.....

A jersey key chain xD
C.Ronaldo!!!! :)

I would like to have a real jersey >.<
Is there somebody to tell me where can I buy it?

And earrings! xD

both of them are also star 
Nice Nice~~
DMake me more pretty harr ! LOL

My siblings brought me a box of chocolates too!

they are so good to me >.<
They didn't tell me that they want to buy something for me o.o
[Actually is my sister's idea :) ]
They surprised me too 


Quite happy ^^V

Thanks for all those wishes on Facebook!
Thanks for all those wishes from sms!
Thanks for all those presents!
Thanks for singing happy birthday song for me!

Thanks a lot!!!

I am 17 years old now! XD
I am going for driving lesson soon~~ 
I can drive soon!!!!! 

Yeah~ ^^V

Oh ya!
When I was replying the wishes from friends on my facebook...
it gave me this ..

wah o.o

Can't reply anythings on Facebook now :(
Just can post status only :(

Sorry for all the late reply.....