Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last few days :)

Finally I can update after my sister and brother went to bed :)

I was just emo-ing just now.
Because of something.
But now I am ok. :)
Ice-cream brother was so good. 
He detected my emo by my word xD
Thank you very much. :)

Let's talk about the other day.
That day was Wednesday. It was the next day of my birthday.
My daddy was back home from Puchong.
Then he was bringing us to have our dinner.
It was around 8.30pm already.. o.o

On our way to restaurant, my dad's car was suddenly can't move.
Woah~ the car was just conked out on the road near my friend's house.
We just asked for her dad help.
Hohoho~ her dad is very kind :)
Thank you very much.

Then, that day we had our dinner at 10pm!! 
WOAH!!  hahahhaha

Today is Friday.
After school , I went to Mc Donald with friends for the
Great-tasting Chicken Burger!!

Yeah, It is delicious enough to let me get back there to taste it again!!!

Haha!! These were some photos that we took at the Mc Donald :p

I should tell that these photos were taken by Da Chun Gaga. :)
I think he will be happy and syok sendiri when he see that I am mentioning his name xD


This Sunday, I am going for the 6 hours course of learning car.
I think it is a course o.o 

After this, I can get the L license..
Then I can go for driving lesson.
After that!!! I can DRIVE!!!

Yeah~ I am so expecting !!! o.o

You know what?
I hope I can have this PINK MYVI!

It is limited edition. o.o
I hope that my dad have enough money to buy it for me :(
This is my DREAM CAR!!!
Although all my friends said it is not nice ,
because of the pink color >.<
but I still like it!!! wahahahaha xD
So, I can be the special one.... o.o

hahahahhahaha~~ expecting larrr >.<

Yesterday, I quarreled with my brother.
I was so angry!!!

I scolded him because he keeps playing the DOTA everyday.
Actually I let him play, but he need to empty out some time for study.
I had observed him for a few days, but he was not study at all.
All the things that he do everyday at home are :
Playing computer and handphone, watch tv, eat, sleep....

So , I just wanted him to study to improve his Malay.
I asked him to get the dictionary and start to study.
But he asked me to get the dictionary for him!
I started to scold at him......
He scolded at me too!!!! =3=
He scolded me useless!!![ walao~! I am the one who should scold this word,kay? ]
Started from that moment, I was totally DISAPPOINTED with him.
My heart was broken!!

I don't want to talk to him anymore.
I am not going to bother about his things anymore.

I know I am so cruel, but I really can't stand for it anymore!!!
Nobody can change his attitude now except himself...
So just let him run its own course without my interference.

Blar Blar Blar Blar

Gonna go to bed zzz
Night :)


  1. oh ya! I also wanna try the new MCD burger.
    but don't have MCD nearby my working place!

    I love the pink color Myvi too :)
    but I don't think this is limited edition.
    It's only a trick. LOL.
    last time the orange edition also noticed that limited but now you can see many on the road.

    don't quarrel lahh :)
    I'm still with you!

  2. 你的英文很好勒~~*o*



  3. 羽夜,感觉你英文越来越顺畅了哦




  4. yer da GCB looks nice wo...
    yalo kah hoe got told me that u both kept on self-shooting....
    hahahah XD
    he even told me bout da bra thing....
    3 for RM5 ......=.=
    hahhahaha XD

  5. nicole: LOL~.~!!!
    FN: actually when I saw these pictures and the way you wrote before I saw your'mention' about me...I was angry...Now....SYOK-ing sendiri...XD

    Well-Done....your English has been improved....Keep it Up!!

  6. Fnight ~ some grammer mistake actually ~
    hmm..i am more concerned about ur brother eh..
    try talking with him nicely ~ figure out his prob..and ask him to manage his time himself~~
    counsel him ~~ i noe u can ! since u say u gonna to be a nutritionist or a physcologist ~~

  7. lingling :) yaya~! go and have a try!
    really nice :)
    hehehe >.< go and try when you're free :)

    woah~! really?? xD hahaha~! yeah~! hope that I can buy it :(

    yeah T^T
    thanks for staying with me~~ <3

  8. shirley :) 双鱼~~
    唉哟 >.<
    要学英文就这样咯 :)

    哥哥的话我才不要管他的事咧 xD

    妹妹比较乖的咯 >.<

  9. 永远~~~~
    谢谢你啊 >.<
    没有进步的话我要哭啦 T^T


    <3 :)

  10. nicole xDD wahahaha~! of coz nice!!
    yaya xDD
    sarah larrr
    said loudly xD
    I went to buy the bra ad leh o.o

  11. da chun!! harr? == y angry?????!!!!!
    hahahahaha xD
    thank you thank you very much xD

  12. ben~~ hahaha xD
    I know larr :P
    you tell me the mistake at school,k?
    coz I don't know where is the mistake de >.<

    thanks a lot :)

    I will try to help him T^T