Sunday, July 18, 2010


It is 11.09pm now!
I still haven't sleep yet o.o
Tomorrow I still have to go to school.

Why am I don't go to sleep yet???!!!!



I am really a bad girl.
Always play computer until midnight. 
Always play computer until forgot about my homework.

I am addicted to the computer.
I can't control myself to near him.
It attracts me to get near him.

Haiz.... :( May God help me to give up computer!!!!!

LOL. Look at this photo!!
So funny xDD
I think I am not that serious!! :P

Back to our topic :D


yeah~! I watched this movie today.

What should I say? o.o

HaHa! The director is so creative~!

I just tell you what I know :P

It is a movie about a gang of people go into somebody dream,
then they want to steal the person's thing by going into his dream and know where the thing is.....

Hmmmmm... something like that X)

When I watched... there was a bit confused...
because they all are keep going into somebody's dream of dream of dream...


But I managed to understand it ^^
Yeah ^^V


If you just read my sure get more confused!!
Haha~! because...
I don't know how to describe it by my word T^T

It is particularly different from other movies o.o
So better go to cinema and watch it by your own :P

For me, it is a quite interesting movie. :D

Between them, I am more prefer the left hand side guy :P
because.. I think he is more cute!!!
His name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt [I checked from the website xD ]

Erm... I am not so interesting with other actors or actress xD

Oh ya.
Last few days, I was suffering from stomachache is it?

I had gone to see the doctor on Saturday. :D
The doctor said I got gastric o.o
This is my first time.
I never get gastric before, 
because I never starve of food before.

And I think my case is a bit weird..
because my stomach was pain after I having my meal...

Weird lar!!!!

Then I knew the answer through my teacher.
She told me that I have no take my meal regularly everyday. :(

That's the matter.

Haiz.. now I just know. I should discover it earlier....
So that I won't get pain !!! =.=

My teacher said I should have many meals but little food at each
yea~ she was right.

I am gonna change my lifestyle to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!!

I even started to jogging with my neighbor once a week!! :D



  1. gastric!?
    should take good care leh..

    the actor so cute leh.
    is that that nice huh?
    seems like lots of ppl said that ?o?

  2. i also had watched the movie!!
    but i didnt finished it bcuz of my bf need go back early.
    so sad i didnt finish it.
    is a nice movie.
    and i like the guy you mention 1.

  3. sol-mate~~ yaya >.< :(
    thanks for caring !!! ^^

    yayaya~! he is very cute larr xD
    quite interesting leh~!! xD

  4. emilia ~~ :DD hehehehe~!!! yayayaya~!!! xD
    aiyo ~
    so lang fei :(
    he is so cute horrr xD