Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life of Pi

Just watched this movie with friends yesterday! Long time didn't meet up with them!! :D Worry that when are we gonna have a trip together again :-(

So, back to the topic - Life of Pi. Pi is the main character who got shipwrecked in a storm with his family and was the only survivor with a tiger- Richard Parker!
There were 4 animals survived at first! But the other 3 died and left only Richard Parker and Pi! So the story started!

To be frank, when I was watching this movie, I thought it was just like other adventure movies and I don't really know the meaning behind the story! I just understood it after I read a post about this story on facebook that share by Wing Mun! After that I only "Oh..." O.O And feel that the director - Ang Lee 李安导演 is such a good director ! :)

Okay, I won't write about the synopsis of this movie! LOL! If you wanna know, go and watch or google about it! HAHA! I will just tell you guys which part I like lar :p

The night with the jelly fish in the sea!!! What a beautiful night scene! I was curious about why are the jelly fish glowing in the sea arrr?? So nice leh!! :D Like the fireflies!! It's impossible to occur, right?? Or maybe it was the reflection of the light from the stars :D

And also this lar! The whale came out from the sea and ate the jelly fish, I think :O Look at the first photo, the mouth of the whale, glowing also! :O I think that night was so beautiful in the middle of the sea! haha!!

After that, don't know after how many days, Pi and Richard Parker found an island! Pi thought he will be saved on this island!
Yes. The island is full of this kind of animal! Is it some kind of rat? :O I also dunno! I just know that they appeared in the Lion King right??? The friend of the wild boar! Am I right? HAHA xp
As there are so many this kind of animals, Richard Parker also can enjoy his meal happily when he was on the island! haha!

Pi realized that the island is actually a killer island during the night! It killed all the fish in the pond! And Pi also found a tooth in the flower of the tree! And the animals also climbed up the tree to sleep on the tree during the night!! *It was so imaginary #.# impressive * So Pi and Richard Parker left the island together on the morning!

In the end of the movie, Pi also told another story which is more cruel and real. But at the end, all the listener chose to believe the first imaginary story. 
It is a meaningful movie that you have to know the behind story then only you will get shock! (No lah, it's me who got shocked only xp LOL!) If not, you will think that it is just an adventurous movie like others jiek mah! Besides, you will got impressed too! :D I really got impressed loh! Not only the story and also the beautiful night scene!! :D I really like it leh! Stars in the sky and jelly fish in the sea!


I really like the song - Paradise in the trailer of the movie!

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