Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was my 2nd time to JOGOYA! wooohoooooooooo!!
This time got offerrrr arrr ~~ Buy 1 free 1 :p So we need to pay half price jiek! :p
Of course cannot miss this BIG CHANCE larrr!!!!!
We went on 15th of April :)

8 persons of us. Mr Lye & his wife, Bn, Zk, KH, Nic, Yen & me :p
 * Look at our table :p so many coconuts!!!!! Nice larr their coconuts :DD *

*Yen looks like our mummy in this photo xD They're spamming it on FB!!! O.O *

 * The girls :) *

*The boys ~~~ Haagen Dazs!!!! We <3 it :p We ate a lot!!! Because it is very expensive ice-cream -.- we planned to eat it as much as possible so that we won't loss a lot :p *

I like it Jogoya lar of course. Many foods to eat! Yummy Yummy! I ate a lot! And I was stuffed earlier than others too -.- I think it's because I non-stop eating at the beginning =.= A bit regret larr!!! Because at the end, I didn't eat much Haagen-Dazs! D: I was kinda sad!!!! Everyone was eating -.- having the last 冲吃 xD but me -.- I was stuffed! Beh tahan ady~~~~ Just sat at there -.- waiting for my stomach to be comfortable. Haih~~~~
BUT! I also had 3 scoops of Haagen Dazs I think -.-
After this, my weight must be increased! D: All my friends are calling me FATTY!!!
Nevermind T.T I forgive all of you!!! I will try my best to lose weight larrr -.-
LOL!!! you know what?! the day after Jogoya! I went to toilets for many times! :p HeHe!!!! All the foods came out from my ass xD

After my NS, I seldom do exercises larrr D: Haih~~~ Fat back again !!! I don't want larrr!!
But my mouth is so itchy!!!! Non-stop eating!!!! :(
I can't control :(
If I stay at home, I also can find some biscuits and bread to eat T.T
I really beh tahan myself liao~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fatty FeatherNight Fansey!!!!!!!!!

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