Sunday, April 24, 2011

WED Movie & Pink Day :)

Yeah :) like to hang out with friends on Wednesday :p  because it is BR pink day & the movie tickets got discount :p 
Wooooah! We can get everything cheaper on this day!! So happy xD

20th of April , I just went to Midvalley with my friends :)  5 of us! HeHe!

We had our lunch 1st! Thanks for treating me, Wilson xD Actually it was the uncle didn't want to accept my big notes larr, then Wilson helped me to pay :) but then I have to pay for my BR myself D:  But still thanks :p

Watched the movie - Source Code! I haven't watch the trailer, so I didn't know this movie before that! I was afraid that the movie will be bored :O  But out of my expectations, it was NICE :) HeHe!
Thanks for Wilson recommended wor :p

Yeah! BR time! I had been long time no eat BR!!!! Hey BR, long time no see :p HeHeHe!

I wore a pink t-shirt. I got a pink handphone too :p
HeHe! next time who want BR on pink day :p can ask some pink stuff from me ^^V LOL!

Yeah! I like WED! :p

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