Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am fine. Thank you :)

Today when I & my sis was cooking, suddenly the fire became very big!( sorry larrr I don't know how should I describe it .... >.< forgive meeeeeeeeee)
We thought it will explode! We were so nervous~~~~
Arhhhhh Arhhhhh~ ah gong ah gong
We didn't know what should we do because the fire is too big, I can't get close the switch as well!
So wait for my ah gong to help us!
Finally, the fire just finished burning after we closed the gas supply!
HeHe! Fortunately..... my house didn't explode or burn!
And I am still here! Thanks GOD! :)

After that, I updated my status on Facebook! 
Many people knew it already, and there was people worried about us.
Owh...I should not updated that status, right? :(
Sorry to make many people worried! :( Feel bad right now......... >.<

Just a simple update about the accident happen just now xD

Actually I was very upset just now :( because I did badly on something.
Sorry about that ... :\  And thanks GOD for forgiving me! muackz! <3

LaLaLa! The end is... I WAS FINE! THANK YOU <3

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