Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shit-er with her SHIT

Oh Mamamia! Somebody help me please :(
I am gonna to dead soon >.<  LaLaLaLa~ kidding lar :P Not that serious.
Just... I really don't know how to study so that I will be more interesting with it.
I had attended the study smart workshop, but it was useless for me. LOL!

Sejarah & Biology! I don't know how to remember all the point!
Additional Mathematics! There are still have some topics that I haven't go through.
BM, English & Chinese! Oh =.= Languages...Bang! I am dead!

Everyone is studying, but I am playing computer.
Everyone is doing exercises, but I am relaxing in front of the television.

My friends are intelligent, but I am not.
My friends are diligent, but I am not.

That's ok. But the most important is...

My friends are discipline, but I am not too!!!! T^T
( Discipline to control myself to not play computer. )


I am so shit!!! Let's throw the SHIT on my face =3=

Two more weeks, I will be sitting in the hall for my SPM TRIAL!!
I know that it is very important as many seniors had told me before @,@
Although I knew it early, but I still have no enough time to prepare my trial well.
:( So useless , right?

I am thinking that... If I really can't get good results in my trial, I will just leave it and try my best in my SPM!! :)
I am so optimistic! xD HeHe!

Haiz, but the problem is... If....I also can't get good results in my SPM, then I really Oh Shit! =.=

If this happen, I think I will not study nutrition. :(
I will go on my dream to become a photographer ! :)
Hrmmmm... I think become a photographer is my dream @.@
I really think so! >.<

Just a update. 
Do you know that I will be less online for a month?
Sorry for no viewing your blog. Sorry for no replying the message that you leave.

Oh~ My Nuffnang!! :( My earning money plan by using Nuffnang sure can't go on.
Haiz.... I need money lar! ='(

If you're my followers, thank you! I love you that you finish reading my post ! HaHa!
Muakzzzz <3