Monday, August 9, 2010

The Last Airbender

First of all..................HI!!
so lame =.=

Yeah ^^Y
I watched the movie ---------- The Last Airbender!!

It's a movie about.....long time ago,
there is four nation - air, water, earth & fire.
And some people will have these power, they are called blabla-bender, eg: Airbender.
Then, in this movie there is only a airbender left,because other were killed by the fire nation!! He is the cute little child --Aang
HaHa! He will be /is the Avatar of the four nation :)
The avatar will have the four power! woah xD So he is powerful!
Then the fire nation who is quite strong before the avatar appear is going to kill him!
Then.... Aang is going to learn all the four power. I think he is going to take revenge on the fire nation who killed his air nation....

Oh MaMa!!! I love this kind of story!!!
It's excited! HaHaHa!! Really like it :)
But it just finished after Aang defeated the fire nation at the water nation country.
Oh no~~~ I need to wait for the 2nd part  :(
So bad larr >.<

but there was somebody don't like this movie as well :(

I like the small little kid - Aang! The last Airbender! woah~!
His real name is Noah Ringer.
I think I have seen him before o.o but don't know in what movie....
He is so cute :) In the movie, he is botak! hehehe!

So cute larrr~~~ And when he uses his power! woah!!!
So yeng you know??!!!!!
Oh MaMa!

Then the Prince Zuko / Dev Patel quite leng zai also :)
He is from the fire nation.
He is so pity :( He was hurt by his father when he is young.. so he has to catch the Aang back to his father!
Heng~ His father is a bad guy! >:(

Sokka / Jackson Rathbone another handsome guy :)
Katara's brother.
quite cute :)

Katara / Nicola Peltz, a pretty who is a waterbender!
:)  She helps Aang in the movie! :D

So, I just introduced this four main characters only lar! :)

There are people told me that the cartoon is more nice!
Going to watch it!!!!!!

And Narnia 3 is coming soon!!
Oh Yeah! :)

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Thank you so much!


  1. When did u watched it...I watched it too...last Saturday...SHYT!

  2. heheheheheheehhehheheehh xDDD
    hahahahahahah xD
    blek :p