Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fatty Fansey

I am so sad now. Not because of my trial exam...just because I finally realized that I am very super duper utterly fat now. :(  Oh My Gosh........ Just call me Fatty Fansey T-T
Actually, I know I am very fat since many years ago. I thought I can lose my weight when I grow up easily. But after I did research about the method for losing weight on google, I found out that losing weight is a super duper tough task!  
Arhhhh!!! Out of my expectation... Every method is tough enough and need a strong determinate mind to carry on!
Somebody help me please T-T
Thanks to my friends who always reminding me how fat am I. :)  And I also discover that my tummy becomes bigger and bigger nowadays. What The Heck!
Now, I am going to start my losing weight project!!
Actually I started this long time ago. And I gave up it many times too! The problem is...I have no strong determinate mind. I always forget about losing weight after a few days. 

Just now, when I was trying to find out a simpler way to lose weight, I found out a girl who was succeeded to lose her weight. And I was like - O.O|||| So I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E !
She lost her weight in three months! How can she do it???!!!

Nah~ Her photos that proved the truth! 

漠璇 ( Mo Xuan ) A girl from China. From about 80+ kg to 40+kg!
Admiring~admiring~ admiring~ 

I wish that I can succeed same as her......
So, start from today! I have to always remind myself to lose weight!

Today, sejarah paper was tough enough to make my tears drop!! Wao! 
I should put more effort on studying to score in my SPM!
And tomorrow, Moral paper :) I still haven't memorize all the nilai ! HeHe! 
Going now :) Gambateh! Phewwww~ A fat girl has many things to do! Aha!


  1. erm, u are not tat fat ler , chubby nia ^^ but if reli wana loose weight, must in a healthy way o =) all ths best !!!!