Thursday, November 1, 2012

Farewell party of U6Diamond

On don't know which day, our class had a "majlis perpisahan" - farewell party! For the students & teachers! We invited our subjects teachers only :p haha We also made each of them a thank you card :) 
  Nice mah? :D ermmm...I know it's quite simple, but we made it with our true heart oh ^^

 There are some group photos with our teachers!

#1. Our class teacher, David Sir aka Maths teacher aka my neighbor! :D

#2. Biology teacher, Mr Tan Eng Kim! :D *If you see my photos on FB, you can find out that he didn't smile in every photo xp hahahaha IDK why! *

#3. Chemistry teacher - Cik Salwa.

 #4. Cik Mumtaz who is our MUET teacher! :) Friendly teacher!

#5. Pn Vijaya - Pengajian Am teacher aka our Sidang Redaksi teacher! :D A very friendly teacher too! Treat us like her friend :)

We could only take photo with these 5 teachers only...
En Ram came, but he left our class without our notice =.= I really speechless.. why don't want take photo with us wor...
Pn Thiyaga was busy on that day, so she didn't join us :-(

Food of the day,

Domino's pizza, cake, Ayam Rendang and Nasi XXX ( I forgot the name!!) !

The Ayam Rendang was prepared by a malay friend - Haslin!! :) It's so yummy! Love it! We had tried it before, and this time she wanna cook it voluntary!!! Thank you very much Haslin for cooking it for us!! :) HEHE!

Lastly, thank you for everyone's cooperation so that this farewell party could be done! :D Really thanks to our class's treasurer - Jin Wei! At first I really didn't think of doing this farewell party and I think this is quite troublesome! >.< HAHA! But at last, we made it ^^ And we did enjoy very much!!!! So happy lar! Will remember everyone of you in the future d! :D

There is another event for our Form Six on 30th of October!
I will update about it on my next post!! Teehee! ;D Stay tuned yorrrrrr
Review a photo first :p

Bye and see my countdown for my STPM! LOL
Yes... 2 weeks more :D And then..... Hoooray! ^^

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