Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days out with Friends :) Merry Christmas!

After went back from Genting , I went to Midvalley  with friends for education fair :)
Yeah~ Just the next day! 18th of December 2010.
We took many photos at there~ :p with the christmas decoration at the hall!
The decoration is kinda nice! :p I love all the big bears & toys! 
I wanna bring them back~~~ :(

* LOL! So happy to take photo with the big bear!!! It is not allowed to take photo like this -.- Sorry to the guard..... *

We walked along the shopping mall...then we saw this!
A snowing christmas tree!  Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
HaHa! I was acting super duper happy because of the snow :p

*The bear / "gong zai" is pretty cute!!!! Every different horoscope has their own bear/ "gongzai" *

But....I like this the most! 
* Just like my smile xD LOL! Can't see the eyes but teeth! :p *

Other bears/ "gongzai"~~~ 

Cute right???!!! But it cost much! T.T So expensive~~~ Hope to buy one to decorate my car leh~~~ But but's the money problem -.- What the shyt? 

After that, we went to a shop which has many amusing toys. There was a dark room in it.
I guess many people know the shop gua.....Sorry larr, I forgot the name & I don't know how to describe lar!
Whatever lar! The conclusion is.....we found out something interesting!
These are our IC! errrrr......many people know it already??? -.- opppps!

LaLaLa~ Ok! After we shopped enough, finally we went into the education fair!
Yeah~ so many people~ "People mountain people sea - 人山人海 " xD
I got many brochure from many college and university. 
Hrmmm...but I still don't know which college / university should I choose. 
Or just take STPM ? :(
If don't want to take STPM, then I should spend a lot of money for college/ university :(
If taking STPM, it will be very tough for me!!! :(
Haiz~ I need somebody to help me larrr....
Oh ya! I hope to become Nutritionist when I grow up :D
So where should I go with taking Nutrition course? :o 

************************That's all for Midvalley day! ***************************

21st of December 2010 , it was Nic's birthday eve! :p
We went to Fahrenheit 88 & Pavilion!
Errrr....Bukit Bintang Day? O.o

We arrived at there in the afternoon, because we had to return our textbook before that!
So we spent a little time at there only :( about 4 hours something.

First , we went to Fahrenheit 88 again

The BOYS and 

the GIRLS :D

I bought a purple color shirt here! Quite cheap :) <3 it!
Walked Walked and Walked.......
Then we went to Pavilion!

Fuyoooohh~! We were all amazed with its christmas decoration! :)
So nice :p

I saw the red flowers at Genting too  :o The red flowers so popular hor?

Rudolph the red nose reindeer with a very shiny nose :p
Err....ok, there is no rudolph here...just a few reindeer, and a girl with a weird pose -.-

Had lunch at the food court!

Then we had SNOWFLAKE as our dessert!!! :p

Wooohooo~~~~ they all like it so much!!  Yummmy Yummmy!
Eating eating eating....... :p

We were soooo enjoying~~~~ ;p

We shared many bowls of snowflake together!!! Woahh!!!
Arrrrrr~~~ saliva~~~~ haiz -.- ignore it FOR FOOD!!! :p

After we ordered our own snowflake, we ordered another four bowls and shared together!
Oh my gosh! It is so YUMMMMY! HaHa~!!! "爱不释口" !

Again...the day was end with taking KTM back to Rawang :)
A happy day again.
A memorable day as well.
So happy. 

Oh ya! Before we went home, we took photo with Ah Sim :)
The guy in the middle! :D
Because he went back early at the Genting :( We haven't take photo with him >.< LOL!

***********************That's all for Bukit Bintang Day! ************************

* All photos are taken from GuanSze's album :) thanks to him! xD *

Hope to have these nice days with friends in the future :)
Hey you! Did you notice that we are always a big gang wherever we go ? :)
Nice right? :)
So happy to have this big gang of friends!

Do you know the purpose of the celebration of Christmas? :)
Actually the main character of Christmas is Jesus Christ. We are celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ who are our savior to save us against the sin.
So do remember Jesus Christ when you're celebrating this happy & warmth day :)

Joy to the world , the LORD has come!


  1. ur welcome....i love taking photos for u all^^

  2. =3= but nice...whoa...your English I think got improved...Lalala~
    I was not there...and I never tasted Snowflake before...>.<
    Well good luck choosing and wish me luck the same to everyone else..

    'Guess who am I' de DCG~

  3. GS : hahaha! because you got a camera ady! so can take as many photos as you like! :p

    cuzzie : thank you!! <3

    DCG : hehehe! thank you very much~!!!!!!!! :p

  4. 对对对好久不见 XD
    那时候睡眼惺忪在写部落格嘛 ><
    不是不是明年我考SPM >< 让你误会了

  5. 記得啊。

  6. mid valley's deco look really cute =)
    shop with a bunch of friends is always joyful! merry xmas to u !

  7. wah!
    玩得很开心哦! hehe :)
    Merry Christmas!!

  8. 哈哈` 不好意思`
    迟回复` ><
    Merry Christmas <3 !!